Karel Gott: a brief biography

Childhood and youth

 Nature endows every person with different abilities. It is very important that the talent is revealed in a timely manner. Karel Gott’s biography clearly confirms this rule. The future singer and musician came to light on July 14, 1939. He was an only child in an ordinary Czech family. The parents lived in the small town of Plzeň in western Bohemia. When the war broke out, fleeing the bombs, the Gotts family moved to the village to relatives. And it was only in 1946 that they managed to move to Prague, where modest accommodation was found for them.

From his early years, Karel showcased versatile talents. In school, he did well. He liked the peña lessons. Already in junior high school he began to be invited to school choir classes. Besides, the boy was keen on drawing. His parents encouraged this fascination in every possible way and even bought him an easel. As a ten-year-old child, Karel drew a very high quality copy from a painting by the famous painter Botticelli. After graduating, he decided to attend the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design. However, he failed to pass the creative competition. With the disorder, the young man entered the PTU to get a specialty in electrician.

Professional activity

After graduating from a vocational school, Gott took a job at tram depot. In the evenings after work he sang in an amateur ensemble. Sometimes he was invited to work in a restaurant. It was good practice for an aspiring performer. In 1958, Karel took part in a television competition, which was called “Finding New Talents”. He did not break through among the winners. However, the promising guy was noticed by a well-known producer. An experienced mentor advised the singer to perform on the stage of the restaurant “Vltava Prague” as part of a professional orchestra.

In 1959, Gott joined the conservatory. Here he got the necessary training and, very importantly, he was given a voice. In the early sixties, Prague was conquered by a twist. Karel, which is called, caught the wave. Songs in his performance became hits on the same day when played from pop or on TV. It is important to note that Karel had not only a unique voice. The singer had a phenomenal memory. He toured countries and continents extensively. In the Soviet Union, in France, Germany and the United States, the singer performed songs in the audience’s native language.

Recognition and personal life


work of the singer and composer was appreciated by grateful audience and officials. Karel Gott has received the Czech Nightingale’s highest music award more than forty times. He wrote more than two thousand songs and musical compositions.

Karel’s personal life developed safely. He married the only time as a mature person. Ivan Makhachkov’s wife is 36 years younger than him. Husband and wife raised two daughters. Two more daughters out of wedlock always received their father’s support. Singer died in October 2019 after suffering a severe cancer condition.

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