Kai Metov: a brief biography

Starting conditions 

Once on TV of the Soviet Union there was a popular program called “Hello, We Are Looking for Talents”. For someone, this program turned out to be a launchpad. And someone didn’t need it. Kairat Metov did not make his way to the heights of recognition and notoriety. He moved consistently and gradually along the chosen route, effortlessly demonstrating his versatile abilities and talents. At a certain stage in his career, he took himself the stage pseudonym Kai, simply shortening his full name. It will be wrong to say that everything was smooth in his creative destiny. Everything happened.

The future idol of Russian pop came to light on September 19, 1964 in an ordinary Soviet family. Parents at that time lived in the famous city of Karaganda. His father worked as an engineer at one of the coal mining enterprises. Her mother worked as an educator in a kindergarten. The boy was distinguished from a good memory and absolute musical hearing from an early age. After a short period of time, the family moved to the capital of Soviet Kazakhstan city of Alma-Ata. Here the child was given to music school, where Kai mastered the technique of playing the violin.

“ Mom, I want to be a pioneer”

Metov stood out from the early days among other pupils. He regularly participated in various viewings and competitions, necessarily taking prizes. After three years, he was sent to study in Moscow, where he was admitted to the Central School of Music at the Moscow State Conservatory. In 1982, after receiving a diploma in profile music education, Kaya was called into the ranks of the armed forces. In service, the musician immediately became a member of the vocal and instrumental ensemble “Youth”, and later also its supervisor.

Metov returned to the citizen already experienced performer and head of musical collective. He worked for several years at the Tambov Philharmonic Society. Parallel to his vocal and musical work, Kai mastered the skills of arranger and sound engineer. In 1991, the songs “Mom, I Want to Be a Pioneer” and “Broken Glass” were performed on All-Union Television, which Metov wrote and performed. From that point on, the artist and composer regularly recorded solo albums that occupied the top positions of various ratings. In 1995, he was recognized as the most “multi-circulation” performer in Russia.

Creativity and personal life

Over the years Metov not only sang his songs, but also created vocal and musical compositions for Russian stars. Songs written by Kai were performed by Philip Kirkorov and Masha Rasputin.


maestro’s personal life was mixed. In 1985, Kai married a girl named Natasha. The husband and wife lived under the same roof for five years. During this time, they had a daughter, Christina. After the divorce, the singer never entered into an official marriage again. In 2015, it was revealed that Metov had a son and a daughter out of wedlock. Kai supports and takes care of his children in every way.

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