Julie Zenatti: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Of singing career the future star never dreamed. However, in the Zenatti family, the eldest daughter, Julie, and the youngest, Vanessa, sang to his father’s accompaniment. Vocal giving didn’t seem to parents something worthy of attention until the baby’s singing appreciated the piano adjuster predicting her a brilliant stage future.

The road to recognition

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1981 in Paris. The girl appeared on February 5. She began singing at the age of eight. At 11, the young vocalist enrolled in “Studio des Varietes”. Thirteen-year-old Julie took part in the TV show “La Chance aux Chansons”. In 1994 she recorded a duet with Lenny Kravitz.

A year later, the soundtrack for the cartoon “Starla et les Joyaux Magiques” was played for the first time. The Directorate of TV channel “France 3″ offered the singer to perform at Eurovision, but the girl refused.

Zenatti first thought about the scene as a profession in 1996 at the festival “Francofolies”. The participant was introduced to Luke Plamandon, preparing the project “Notre Dame de Paris”. In 1997 Julie auditioned, receiving the role a few months before the national selection began. Producers gave the girl the role of Fleur-de-lis, as they doubted that the 15-ish teenager would be able to handle Esmeralda’s complicated way.


Simultaneously, the vocalist signed a contract at the “Colambia” and began preparing the repertoire. In 1998, the musical began a triumphant march through the country. Seventeen-year-old Julie left her studies for the sake of the stage. The role of the bride of Pheb Zenatti was performed for several months. Natasha St-Pierre then came in her place, with Zenatti moving to the role of Esmeralda.

In 20002 the vocalist’s first album “Fragile” was released. Performed alongside Patrick Fiori, the single “Si je m’en sors” became a hit. For the new compilation “Dans les yeux d’un autre”, the music and lyrics of half the songs were created by the singer herself. Elegantly mature disc turned gold, providing the performer with her first tour.

A new compilation “Comme vous” is recorded in the pop rock style. Julie wrote for Gregory Lemarchal, Shimen Badi, and participated in a tour of France, Switzerland and Belgium. A blending of different styles was the 2007 disc “La boîte de Pandore”. At the same time, Zenatti put the play on a circus theme. It was successful in the vocalist’s birthplace.

Scene and family

In November 2008, the singer began work on “Julie Z’s Diary”. In it, she humorously spoke about the behind-the-scenes of the famous Notr Dam project that changed her life. After completing her work on the book in 2009, Zenatti began recording another collection. She acted as a mentor to the contestants of the French version of the TV show “W9. X Factor”/

The compilation “Plus de Diva” was released in spring 2010. Fans noted the pop symphonics’ style, purity and complexity of the vocals. In 2011 the singer gave a solo concert, again participated in the musical “Notr Dam” with the first line-up of artists.

Zenatti took place in personal life as well. After breaking up with Patrick Fiori, she found happiness with comedian Benjamin Bellecourt. In 2011, the couple had a daughter, Ava. Husband and wife young people became officially on February 13, 2017. A year later, they had their second child, son Elias.

Julie does not interrupt communication with old friends despite lack of time, always reads fan letters and responds to them.

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