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John Howard (in another translation – Howard) was born on 22 October 1952 in Cow in New South Wales. He was educated at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. In the 1990s, Howard was deputy director at the Sydney Theatre Company. He participated in theatre productions. Howard could be seen in “Temple”, “Rising Water”, “Shavki”, “Tigel”, “Life of Galileo”, “Dead White Men”, and “Measure for Measure”.

In 1991, the actor was awarded the Critics Circle Actor. John received the Australian Variety Club Stage Actor Award. The actor also won the Sydney Critics Circle Award for Best Actor in 2009. Howard’s wife is Australian actress Kim Lewis. She is 11 years younger than her husband. Kim played in the TV series “Home and the Way” and starred in the film “Black Rock”. The Howard and Lewis acting family had two children.

Beginning his career

In 1980, John played in the comedy-sports drama “The Club”. The title roles in the picture went to Jack Thompson, Graham Kennedy, Frank Wilson, and Harold Hopkins. The film’s director is Bruce Beresford. The film was presented at the Seattle International Film Festival. Howard’s next work took place in the TV series “Water Under the Bridge”. His character is Archie. John had a recurring role. His set partners are Robin Nevin, Jackie Weaver, David Cameron and Penelope Shelton. The actor then appeared as Donald in the war drama “A City Looks Like Alice”. This miniseries ran in Australia in 1981.

In the same year, the series “Primitive Country”, featuring John, began. He walked through 1993. Howard’s character is Garmish Dalton. In 1983, the actor played Sly in “Christmas in the Bush”. It’s the story of a poor family whose only chance to make ends meet is their horse’s victory. But the animal goes missing right before the horse races. That same year Howard could be seen in the horror film “Kaban-Sekach”. In the expanse of Australia can meet a giant monster, against which it is almost impossible for man to fight. The thriller was presented at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and the Austin Fantastic Film Festival. John’s character is Danny.

In 1984, the actor appeared in the painting “Caught by Strike”. The drama was presented at the New York International Film Festival and the Gothenburg Film Festival. John’s next work took place in the TV series “The Flying Doctors”. The drama could be seen on Australian channels from 1986 to 1992. Howard played Michael Stone. He then appeared in the US-Australia co-production biographical drama “Scream in Darkness”. The famous Meryl Streep played the title role.


In 1988, Howard was invited to play the role of Preston-Preston in “Young Einstein”. The comedy was popular not only in Australia, but also in the United States, Japan and many European countries. That same year, Howard played Dr. Proctor in the painting “Around the World in Eight Ways”. The comedy was presented at the ERA New Horizons International Film Festival. From 1989 to 1996 there was a TV series “Gee P”, in which the actor was given the role of John Schuller. John was then invited to the miniseries “Girl From Tomorrow”, which ran from 1991 and 1992. According to the story, the girl falls from the year 3000 to the past. The series was screened in Australia, Germany and the Netherlands. In 1992, the film “Girl from the Future”, based on the series, was released. The continuation of the story can be seen in the 1993 painting “Girl from Future 2: The End of the Future”. In both films and the series, Howard played Silverthorne.

1994 saw the start of the TV series “Blue Hillers”, in which John was given the role of Michael Fielding. The criminal gunman went through 2006. After that, the actor worked on the TV series “School of Broken Hearts”. His character is Tony Moss. The actor’s next role is Sven Larsen in the TV series “Water Rats”, which could be seen from 1996 to 2001. Howard later starred in “Cops on Bicycles” as Farrell. In “Their Bodies Swapped”, John played Davis. The fantasy comedy has been shown in Australia, New Zealand and Italy.

In 1997, the actor could be seen as Lena Kirby in the drama “Black Rock”. The thriller begins with the violence and murder of a girl. The same year saw the first episodes of “The Wild Side” serialp, where John was given the role of Frank Riley. In the medical drama “Children’s Hospital,” which has been going since 1997, the actor appeared as Len Larkin. In the TV series about the hospital, “All Saints”, the actor played Dr. Frank. He was then invited to play the role of Bob Jelly in “Transfiguration”. The drama could be seen from 1998 to 2000. The actor also played in the TV series “Stingers”, “Always Greener” and “Changi”.

In the 1998 film “Never Tell Me: “Never”, John performed the role of Uncle Darrel. The following year, he could be seen as McGregor in the painting “Journey to the Edge of the World”. The director, screenwriter and producer is Bill Bennett. In 2001, the film “The Man Who Sued God” was released. John played Edward in it. He then appeared as Angus in the drama “The Road from Couraine”. The actor was later invited to play the role of Richards in the drama “Japanese Story”. The film has been presented at events such as the Cannes Film Festival, Telluride International Film Festivals, Toronto, Chicago, London, Hawaii, Bangkok, Ales Film Festivals, Dublin and Boston.

The actor played in the 2003 film “Takeaway”. He then appeared as George Thomas in the television drama “Jessica”. 2004 saw the release of the film “What a Man Should Do”, in which Howard performed the role of Eddie. The actor’s next job is the role of Carl in the film tape “Jindabine”. Next were roles in the TV series “Homicide Squad”, “Visiting the Rafters”, “Janet King” and “Soul Soldiers”. In 2012, John played in the film “Everything but Love”. After 2 years, he could be seen as Simmo in the painting “Darwin — the Final Stop”. In 2015, John appeared in the fantasy action film “Mad Max: Road of Rage” and in the film “NOT an Indian” as Mr. Sandres.

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