Joanna Stingray: biography, creativity, career and personal life

None of Stingray’s acquaintances could even imagine that a girl from a well-off family, a promising athlete, would in the future become a rocker in a country with other than in her homeland, Establishments.

The beginning of the journey

Biography of a future celebrity began in 1960. The baby appeared on July 3 in Los Angeles. His father became a millionaire through the real estate trade. Joanna Fields attended prestigious Beverly Hills High School, was part of the school cheerleaders team, showed fine results in swimming competitions.


graduate became passionate about music, becoming a student at the University of Southern California. As a vocalist, Girl in 1983 released the CD “Beverly Hills Brat”. The cover was adorned only by the singer’s name: the pseudonym Stingray appeared much later.

In the mid-eighties, Judy, Joanna’s sister, offered to go to the USSR. The girl’s idea of this country was like a squalid and boring place. The general buddy provided the tour attendant with Grebenschikov’s phone and recommended a visit to Leningrad. Three days later in the city on Neva, the American changed her opinion about Russia completely. She met local musicians, and in 1989 released the record “Stingray”.


Collection “Walking Through Windows” is dedicated to Tsoy’s memory. About him the singer created in 1996 a film based on archival material “Sunny Days”. The new “Soviet” album was “Thinking ‘Till Monday”. As an actress, she starred in the film “Freak”.

Returning to her homeland, in 1998 the singer recorded the CD “Shades of Yellow”. But Stingray’s main hit was not her compositions, and presented by her compilation “Red Wave 4 undeerground bands frame USSR” with songs “Strange Games”, “Alice”, “Cinema” and “Aquarium”.

In 2004 and 2009 Joanna performed in the Soviet Union, presented a new CD “My These Always Be Sunshine”.

The personal life of the artist also developed. In 1987, the guitarist of “Kino” Yuri Gasparyan became her choice. The union did not last long.

Family and creativity


new spouse was Alexander Vasiliev from the group “Center”. A daughter Madison grew up in the family. However, the mother did not wish to raise the baby in a rock environment, so the girl’s parents broke up.

The celebrity again tried to arrange family happiness. This time she became the happy wife of fellow architect Richard Best.

In 2006, the star became the producer of Boris Grebenschikov’s album “40:0 in favor of BG”. The vocal career was chosen by Madison. She, along with Joanna, recorded the music video “Don’t Come Down On Me”. Both visited St. Petersburg in May 2018. Mother introduced her daughter to Boris Grebenshchikov.

Stingray during the visit informed about the preparation in the publication of her books about work with famous Russian musicians, beginning work on a film about the period of work in the USSR.

Some of the shots with which the author planned to supplement her works, she posted on Instagram.

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