Jim Dyne: biography, creativity, career, personal life


Jim Dyne was born in 1935 in America. After acquiring secondary education at the school, he decided to pursue higher education. For this, the youngster in 1953 goes to university. Here he studies right up to 1958. But in younger years, young givers studied at the school of fine arts in Boston.

After graduation, the future famous artist came to New York City. Here with his shop colleagues, he created the first happenings. This word is called modern art, which represents an event, an action taking place with the participation of the creator of this masterpiece. This direction in art is intended to erase the boundary between the audience and the artist.

Dyne Jim’s


is also a graphic artist, sculptor, and at the age of 30 he started writing poetic creations, mastered by photo art. Creative man created various works for theatres as well.

The American artist created in several styles. He tried himself in abstract impressionism, pop art. Dyne later took up figurative painting.

The exhibition in Russia in

Autumn 2018 at the Art Museum of Multimedia hosted an exhibition by Jim Dyne. Of course, journalists couldn’t get around such an event by side. They interviewed an American artist.

When asked about the opening of this first major exhibition in Russia, the representative of contemporary art said that he was proud of such an event. He likes that a lot of people have the opportunity to get to know his works. At the same time, he had no hope that the exhibits he created would appeal to everyone. But according to Jim Dyne, if at least one person does not remain indifferent when looking at the master’s creations, it will be enough for him.

Speaking about his career, the artist told about the fact that 40 years lived in France and loves this country very much.

The American contemporary art classic often uses the image of Pinocchio in his works. The master revealed the secret of this. He told me that Pinocchio turned out of a piece of wood. In Dyne’s view, this process is symbolic. After all, the tale tells about what labor is needed to become a real person to make the tree come alive.

Personal life

Telling about himself, the American guest told that he has been many years old. In life he managed to survive disappointment, anxiety, confusion. Sometimes the sculptor would ask himself the question, should it be necessary to continue what he was doing? As doubts receded, Jim continued to create again, obey the call of heart and soul. In his works he embodies feelings, experiences.

Russian journalists wouldn’t ask Jim Dyne about whether he had family, wife, children? More of them were interested in the works of the master, how they are created. The artist was happy to tell about it. He was saying he uses different techniques, he doesn’t have some one take to apply just him.

Dine used to follow events taking place in contemporary art. Now he says he doesn’t want to spend his nerves and precious hours on it, as he became uninterested in it, the master has a lot to do. And Jim Dyne devotes his free time to rest and develop new creative ideas.

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