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biography and personal life


Jeffrey Demann came to light on April 25, 1947. His birthplace is Buffalo in the state of New York. Parents are Violet and James Demann. When the actor was about 30, he moved to the UK. There he participated in theatre productions at the Old Vic. Geoffrey returned to his native America and joined the Royal Shakespeare Company, where he played in many plays. Demann not only plays in the theater and is in movies, he records audiobooks. In his performance, you can listen to the novels “Dream Catcher” and “Guy and Colorado” in English.

In 1974, he married. The actor’s spouse is Anne Secjer. The family had two children. Son Kevin, who with his father appeared in the painting “Majestic”, and daughter Heather. In 1995, the couple divorced. In 2001, the actor remarried. His second spouse is Kerry Leah. Jeffrey was educated at Union College. The actor has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English.


Actor played many roles. Among them a lot took place in TV series. Early in his career, Jeffrey was given the role of Adam in the miniseries “Crying Becomes Electroa”. He was then invited to Blues Hill Street. Here, the actor played Jerry Goff. The actor could later be seen in the acclaimed TV series “American Theatre”, which runs from 1981 to the present. Demann’s character is Brentley Mallard. The actor’s next work took place in the acclaimed TV series “Moonlight Detective Agency”. It walked from 1985 to 1989. The main characters are detective and former model. They take on various client cases. In this detective, Jeffrey played Roger Clements.

In the mid-1980s, the screening of “Spencer” began. In it, the actor appeared as Jacob. He was next invited to the drama “Twilight Zone” for the role of Bob Speedler. In “American Masters”, he could be seen as Eugene O’Neill. This series began in 1985 and is still being filmed. In the crime detective “Los Angeles Law”, the actor was given the role of Peter Reynolds. The series could be seen from 1986 to 1994. Jeffrey’s next work took place in “CBS Summer Scene”. There he appeared as Nate Goodman. He then worked on the 1988 miniseries “Mills of the Gods”. His character is Roger.

In the late 1980s, the actor was cast for the role of William in “Lincoln”. In parallel, he starred in “American Adventure”. In this series, which has been going since 1988, Demann played a reporter. Then came “Dear John”, where Jeffrey reincarnated into Neil Kramer. He later starred as Professor Norman in the crime detective “Law & Order”. To this hero Demann returned in other projects. The series was filmed for 20 years. His next job is the role of Arthur Weisman in the series “HBO: First Look”. In the drama “Tribeca,” Demann can be seen as Ben Baker, and in the medical melodrama “Ambulance” as one of the doctors.

The actor was then invited to the fantasy series “Beyond the Possible”. Jeffrey’s character is Dr. Adam. He later starred in “Practice” as Gordon and in “Cracker” as Henry Garner. In 1999, he could be seen in the miniseries “Centennial Storm”. In the famous detective “Law & Order. Special Corps” actor played Charlie Philips. During the same period, he was offered roles in the TV series “The West Wing”, “Crossing Gideon”, and “The Fugitive: The Chase Continues”. From 2002 to 2004 there was a TV series “Taxi Driver” featuring Demann. The character of the actor is Vasily Yurchenko. In the drama “Law & Order: Trial by Jury”, Jeffrey reappeared as Professor Norman.

He could later be seen as Henry in “The Cashmere Mafia”, as well as in the TV series “The Good Wife”, “God in America”, “The Walking Dead” and “Chicago on Fire.” 2013 earned him the role of Earl King in “The Blacklist.” Then there were roles in TV series “City of Gangsters”, “Lovers” and “Billions”. In 2016, the series “Divorce” began, where the actor plays Max.


On Jeffrey’s account several dozen movie roles. In 1980, he played Joe in the film “Resurrection”. The fantasy drama has been nominated for Oscars, Golden Globes and Saturn. That same year, he performed the role of Sergeant Fernández in the drama “First Deadly Sin”. The thriller was nominated for “Saturn.” Jeffrey then appeared as Philip in the film “You Better Look In Both”. The action of the horror film begins on the pre-Christmas evening of 1947. The following year brought Demann a role in the painting “Word of Honor”. The director of the television thriller is Mel Damsky. He later played in the drama “Regtime”. The protagonist is a black man who seeks justice.

1982 saw the release of “Dancsuyu as Fast as I Can”, where Jeffrey played Dr. Roberts. The main character of the drama tries to get rid of the addiction to Valium. In the same year, the actor could be seen in the film “Frances”. Starring Jessica Lang in the title role, the drama chronicles the fate of the famous actress. The actor then got a role in the film “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”. It is a film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play. The actor’s next role came in the 1983 television drama “Opened with Fury”. His character is Jeff. Demann later received roles in the films “Extraordinary Last Minute Change” (Ricardo), “Caveat” (Dan), “Time to Live” (Larry), “Fellow Traveller” and “Who’s Julia?” (David).

In 1987, he received the title role in the drama “Young Harry Houdini”. This is a picture of a famous sorcerer. The actor then appeared as Andrew in the television movie “Double Trouble”. The thriller was screened in Sweden and France. In the late 1980s, Demann could be seen in the paintings “Drop”, “Devotee”, “Accounts” and “Blaze”. The next decade earned him roles in “Nuclear Dawn”, “Pilot Error: The Mystery of Flight 1501″, “Ghost House”, “Angel Eyes”, and “Perfidious Journey”.

The actor also played in the drama “News Sellers” and performed the role of Frank in the television picture “Jonathan: The Boy Nobody Loved”. In 1993, he was invited to the film “Barbarians at the Gate”. The drama was nominated for an Emmy and received a Golden Globe. He later played Dick in “Faith and Betrayal” and appeared in the acclaimed film tape “Escape from Shawshank”. The drama was nominated for an Oscar, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award and Saturn. The actor then appeared in the films “Safe Passage”, “Citizen X” and “Hiroshima”.

Jeffrey played Rob in the television drama about the murder of a photographer, “And the Crow Down”. He could later be seen in the films “Abby and the Spirits of Christmas”, “Killer: Murder Diary”, “Phenomenon”. The following years brought him works in “Turbulence”, “Night Sins”, and “Paths to Paradise”. In the painting “Rocket Man”, Demann played Paul, and in “Desperate Season”, Jake. Among the actor’s works are roles in films “The Green Mile” (Harry), “Noriega, God’s Favorite” (the title role), “Our Town” (Mr. Webb). His other works include the role of Dan in the film “Mgla” and Bill in the picture “Adult Newcomers”. Jeffrey starred in the 2017 film “Marshall”. The drama was nominated for an Oscar.

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