Jason Ritter: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Full name of actor is Jason Morgan Ritter. It came to light on February 17, 1980. Jason’s birthplace is Los Angeles. Ritter’s mother is American actress Nancy Morgan. Jason’s father, John Ritter, also acted in movies. He played in the films “Mad Underbridges”, “The Honed Blade”, and “Bad Santa”. Jason has a sister, Carly, and a brother, Tyler. They play movies too.

In 1996, the actor’s parents divorced. John married actress Amy Yasbeck. They had a daughter, Stella. Jason’s half-sister also became an actress. Jason’s paternal grandmother is famous American actress Dorothy Fay, while his grandfather is country singer and actor Tex Ritter. In 2003, Jason lost both his grandmother and his father.

Personal life

From 1999 to 2013, Ritter dated Scottish actress Marianne Poka. They met back in their student years. The couple then parted ways. Jason later became engaged to New Zealand actress Melanie Lynskey. The engagement occurred in 2017. Before that they had been dating for 4 years. In 2018, Jason and Melanie had a daughter. Lynskey was previously married to American actor Jimmy Simpson. They met on the shooting of “The Red Rose Mansion.” Their wedding was in 2007. In 2012, Melanie filed for divorce and the marriage was officially dissolved in 2014.

Ritter was educated at Santa Monica High and later High School. He attended New York University, where his roommate was comedian and actor Simon Maxwell Helberg. He is best known for his role as Howard Wolowitz in the acclaimed sitcom “The Big Bang Theory”. Jason is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

Start of career

On the actor’s account almost a hundred film roles. His career began with small works in the TV series “Days of Our Lives”, “Law & Order”, “Faculty”, “Law & Order”. Special Corps” and “Taxi Driver”. In 1990, the actor received the role of Harry in the television film “The Dreamer from Oz”. After 9 years, Jason could be seen in the painting “Dr. Mumford”. His character is Martin. Ritter then played Randy in the film tape.2003 brought him the role of Will in “Freddie vs. Jason”. Later, the TV series “New Jeanne D`Arc” began. Ritter has a prominent role in him, he plays Kevin. The series ran from 2003 to 2005.

In 2004, the actor could be seen as Paul in the film “Superstar”. He later starred in the film “Rules of Sex 2: Happy”. His character is Otis. The following year, Jason was given the role of Clancy in the painting “Our Everything”. In parallel, he played in Daniel’s short drama “Placebo” and Michael’s film “Sensations”. In 2006, the actor could be seen as Shawn in the film “1 Mile to Lenex”. He was then invited for a small role in the horror film “The Wicker Man”.

During this period, the actor starred in the TV series “Class” as Ethan, “Drunk Story”, “Mercy” and “Parents”. In 2007, Ritter received the role of Mick in “The Education of Charlie Banks”. That same year, he could be seen in the thriller “The Deal”. The actor was then invited to the film “Handsome”. In the movie tape of “Bush,” Jason played Jeb. In the film “Peter and Wendy”, the actor was given the lead role. In 2009, Ritter underwent a casting call for the role of Eric in the film tape “The Best Years of Rock and Roll”.


In 2010, Jason played Michael in the drama “Dry Land”, a hotel receptionist in the film “Morning”, and Sean Walker in the TV series “The Event”. He could later be seen playing the role of Ben in the painting “A Bag of Mallets”. In the drama “The Perfect Family”, Ritter performed the role of Frank. He was then invited to play the role of Chet in the TV series “Special Forces: San Diego”. In 2011, the actor’s filmography added to the role of Kyle from “Brothers from Brooklyn”.

Next were roles in the series “In Sight”, “Key and Peel”, “Girls” and “Doubtful”. In 2012, Jason appeared in the drama “The End of Love”. He could later be seen as Wally in the painting “Free Samples”. In the “County” film tape, the actor played Jack Malloy. The actor got the role of Mitch in the film “The Golden Age”. He also starred in “Boats Against the Current”, “Grouping “East” and “Call Me Crazy”.

In 2013, the actor could be seen as Jonathan in the drama I Am Me. He went on to star in the painting “Teddy Bear”. Ritter’s character is Owen. Jason has been invited to the TV series “Drunk History”, “With Hello to the Planets”, “Dipper’s Guide to the Unexplained”, “Rotten Times”, and “Us and Them”. The actor later took part in the short film “Side Impact” as Kid. In the 2014 painting “Hits”, Ritter played Julian. Jason could be seen in the films “Wild Canaries”, “Don’t See Paris Like Your Ears”, “There’s Always Woodstock” and “Pro Alex”. Next were roles in the TV series “Garfunkel and Oates”, “Goliath”, and “Sky Academy”. In 2014, he played Will in the drama “You’re Not You”. In the picture “Seven Minutes”, the actor received the role of Mike. 2015 brought Ritter a role in films “Rodnya”, “Nadoeda” and “Embers”.

The following year, the actor worked in the films “Intervention”, “Carrie Pilby” and “Gilmore Girls: Seasons”. The following year, he was invited to the films “Maze” and “Bitch”. Jason played the main character in the TV series “Kevin Will Save the World. If it works.” He could also be seen as Troy in the miniseries “The Long Road Home”. Among the actor’s recent works are Bill’s role in the 2018 film “Storytelling”, Eric’s role in the TV series “Million Little Things”, and playing in the drama “Raising Dion”. In 2019, the Quest miniseries began, where Ritter was given the role of Michael. The actor is working on the role of Charlie in the picture “I Battled the Law.”

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