Jared Padaleki: biography, career, personal life, interesting facts

July 19, 1982 is the birth date of the famous actor. Jared Padaleki came to light in a town called San Antonio. Neither father nor mom were involved with cinema. The head of the family worked for the IRS and his wife was a teacher. Jared has a brother and a sister.

In parallel with his schooling, the guy attended acting courses and regularly appeared in a variety of productions. The theatre scene became a fascination for the young man.


a 17-year-old, Jared Padaleki declared himself for the first time for all of Texas. He passed a casting call in the television show “The Way to Glory”, becoming one of the participants. The talented guy was the winner, after which he went to Los Angeles for his award.

During the award, Jared was spotted by agents. They advised to try their hand at cinema. The guy, not long thinking, responded with consent, signing a contract with one of the agencies. Afterwards, he went home only to pick up his belongings.

Career in cinematography

The creative biography of Jared Padaleka started in 1999. He made his film debut in “The Little Insider”. Got the role of a minor character. Jared managed to woo critics and movie makers with his acting talent. Already in the next project our hero appeared before the audience in the image of the main character. He starred in the motion picture “Silent Witness”.

Jared didn’t refuse to star in even the most minor scenes. In one of the films, for example, he can be seen coming out of the kitchen. Jared didn’t appear any more in the movie picture.

He was also filmed in those projects that did not bring much notoriety, despite large roles. In a short period of time, Jared’s filmography was supplemented by paintings such as “Young MacGyver”, “Closer to Home”, “House of Wax Figures”, “Lone Wolf”.

The first serious success to the cast came after the release of the miniseries project “Gilmore Girls”. He was in a motion picture for 5 years. Appeared to the audience in the image of a guy named Dean Forester.

But the really famous Jared Padaleki became after the release of the first series of the popular project “Supernatural”. Got the role of lead character Sam Winchester. In his brother’s image, the motion picture starred Jensen Eckles. Actors for many years of working on creating projects managed to become best friends. At the moment, the last 15 season has been released on screens. Jared starred in all series.

Filming for the TV series “Supernatural” lasted a very long time. During this time, Jared Padaleka’s filmography was supplemented by several full-length projects. You can see the actor in paintings such as “House of Fears”, “Christmas Cottage” and “Friday the 13th.”

Not so long ago there was information that soon there will be a remake of the popular miniseries project “Cool Walker”. In the title role, Jared Padaleki is to appear before the audience.

Outside the set

How are things going in Jared Padaleka’s personal life? While filming in the miniseries project “Supernatural”, Jared found not only a best friend, but also a spouse. The choice was Geneviève Cortese, who played the role of the demon Ruby in the television series.

The proposal Jared made at the Metropolitan Museum a few years after dating. The wedding took place in 2010. At the present stage, the actress is known as Geneviève Padaleki.

The first child in the family came a few years after the wedding. The son was named Thomas Colton. A few months later, a second child was born. The son was named Austin Shepard.

After 4 years, Jared and Genevieve Padaleki became parents for the third time. This time a girl was born. The daughter’s name is Odette Elliot.

Interesting Facts

  1. Jared Padaleki and Jensen Eckles are the only actors in the popular TV series who starred not only in all seasons, but in all series.
  2. Jared could have gotten a starring role in the motion picture “Superman Returns.” But work in the film had to be abandoned because of a busy working schedule.
  3. Jared dreamed of purchasing a villa in the town of Austin as a child. His wishes came true. Interestingly, the family of his best friend Jensen Eccles lives next door.
  4. The popular actor has an Instagram page. Jared regularly posts new photos.
  5. Jared Padaleki is due to star in the film picture “Cool Walker” soon. However, he may be fired from the project due to a drunken brawler. The actor was arrested for having a fight with a bartender and with his manager. Also, Jared was rumoured to have tried to bribe police officers.

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