Jan Arlazorov: a brief biography

Childhood and youth

 Nothing foreshadowed Jan Arlazorov’s profession as an entertainer. It came to light on 26 August 1947 in an intelligent Soviet family. The parents, originally from Ukraine, lived in Moscow. His father engaged in advocacy. Her mother, Arlazorova Raisa Yakovlevna, worked as a surgeon in one of the city’s polyclinics. Her last name was taken by an actor when receiving a passport. Ian’s childhood cannot be called difficult. However, he also had to survive serious trouble. The ground for serious experiences was the appearance of the boy – he grew fat and good-natured.

In one of harsh days the head of the family took the son to section of the Eastern single combats. However, Jan absolutely did not like to reward fosters of the opponent and receive reciprocal opleuhi. He tried in every way to keep out of classes. As a result, the father waved his hand at this idea and left the boy alone. In school Arlazorov studied well, although there were no stars from the sky. I didn’t think about future professional orientation until time. But one day, his grandfather, who was a professional actor, took him to a theater studio class at the Palace of Pioneers.

Creative career

After receiving his matriculation certificate, Ian no longer doubted who he was. The young man brilliantly passed the entrance exams at the Shchukin Theatre School. The student years flew like one day. After completing his studies, the certified actor received direction to the Central Children’s Theatre of the capital. Arlazorov organically poured into the troupe and was commissioned to represent many different characters on the stage. Children and teenagers from the very early days loved a kind and cheerful actor who easily found contact with young viewers.

In 1974 Arlazorov was invited to transfer to the Mossovet Theatre. On this stage, he served for nearly fifteen years. In the late 80s, the actor began trying his hand at variety. Humorous monologues in his performance were received by the audience to raucous applause. His winged phrases and expressions “Hey man” and “Man, did you know what you said?” , which is called, have gone to the people. Yang became one of the first artists of the spoken genre to make contact with the auditorium. The humorist was regularly invited to participate in the television program “Anschlag”.


recognition and personal life


Jan Arlazorov worked hard and passionate. In 1997, he was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of the Russian Federation”. In 2008, the artist was awarded the “Order of Honor” for great merits in the development of the Patriotic culture.

The personal life of the famous humorist was extremely unsuccessful. He married the only time actress Yola Sanko. They had a daughter. However, the family broke up due to material problems. The couple took her daughter and did not allow her to see her father.

Jan Arlazorov died in March 2009 after suffering a serious cancer illness.

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