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James Watson was born on 16 April 1970 in Glasgow. He was educated at the London Drama Studio. Also he was an apprentice to the Dublin Theatre Studio. James is the founder of the Actors Society in Glasgow. He also created the studio Celtic Mouse Productions. As a producer, James worked on short films. In 2002, the painting The Last (“The Last”) was released. The film’s director, screenwriter and co-producer is Stephen Benedict. The following year the short A Dublin Story was released. (“Dublin Story”) The drama was presented at the Cork, Portland, Tirana and Cork International Film Festivals, as well as the Foyle Film Festival.

Then came the Martin painting, which was shot by Imojen Murphy. In 2004, James became the producer of the short film Push Hands. The director and screenwriter is Steph Green. The next work — Luka — was presented at the Chicago International Film Festival for Children. Watson also has directorial works: “Sixteen Words for Water,” “Breathe,” and “Interview with Playboy.”

James was involved in theatre productions. He played Gary in the play “Gagarin’s Way”, David in the play “What Every Woman Knows”, and Martin in “Black Water”. He could be seen in productions of Red Diesel (narrator Chris), Sticks and Stones (Jordon Doyle), Writers in Progress II, “McGregor” (Argyle), “Mysteries 2000″ (Jesus), “Europe”, Making Love to Yorick,” Dark Mysteries” (Brian), Trade me a Dream (O ‘Neil).

Beginning of his film career At

the beginning of his film career, James was given the role of John McEwan in the TV series “Tale Town”, which has been going since 1989 and already consists of 21 seasons. The lead roles went to Mick Nolan, Philip Michael, Tony Tormey and Clelia Murphy. He then appeared in film tapes with the original titles Biological Maintenance Department and Before I Sleep. He played Jim and the patient in them. In 1998, the series “Mysterious Knights of Tyre on Nog” began with the cast. The fantastic adventure drama tells of a queen who longs to lead her peaceful country. She possesses a mystical stone.

In 1999, the actor could be seen as a bus driver in the drama “Pied Piper”. Events develop during a scavenger strike in Glasgow. James then got a role in the short film Blind Date. In 2000, the series “My Family”, featuring Watson, began. In this comedy, he played a policeman. It’s a story about a dentist’s family. He has a wife and three children who frustrate him all the time. In the fantasy adventure series “Dune”, the actor got the role of Duncan Idaho. He could then be seen as Clavell in the film Prince William and as Malcolm in the short If Silence Should End. In 2002, a series began with the original name River City, in which James was given the role. The actor’s next work took place in The Hawk & the Dove film tape. His character is Michael.


In 2003, he starred in the film “Celtic Sagas”. James got the lead role. The action takes place during the Celtic Civil War. In the same year, she played in the TV series “Women Warriors in the Lucy Lawless Campaign”. Documentary historical painting has been shown in Canada and Australia. Watson was later invited into the painting “Celtic Sagas: Bone Hunter” based on the plot of the series. The adventure film was screened in the UK. 2004 brought Watson a role in the film Red Rose. The following year, he played Dominic in the drama “Summer Solstice”. The German-UK co-production melodrama director is Giles Foster.

In 2006, the TV series “Waterloo Street”, featuring James, began. The melodrama tells the personal lives of pupils and teachers. That same year Watson was given the role of taxi driver to the melodrama “Woman in Winter”. At the center of the story is an astrophysicist and a Frenchwoman with whom he falls in love. The actor could then be seen in the film Take 3 Girls. In 2008, he was invited to play the role of Jimmy in the horror film “The Book of Blood”. The thriller character is a man who studies paronormal phenomena. The mysterious murders he investigates turn out to be linked to a mysterious house. The picture has been presented at events such as Lund Fantastic Film Festival, L ‘Étrange Film Festival, Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, Imagine Fantasy Filmfest Nights Film Festival.

In 2009, the series “Life of Riley” began, in which James was given a small role. The comedy directors are Richard Boden, Martin Dennis. The series consists of 3 seasons. He walked through 2011. In 2010, the actor starred in “The Last Love on Earth”. Fantastic melodrama tells of a disaster because of which all people stop feeling emotions. It was screened at Seattle International Film Festivals, Galway, Rio de Janeiro, Philadelphia, Palm Spring, Sofia, New Horizons International Film Festival, Gerardmer Fantasy Film Film Festival Festival, Dark Nights Film Festival in Tallinn, Dinard British Film Festival, Woodstock Film Festivals, Hamburg, Sundance Film Festival. Among Watson’s recent works is a role in the horror film “The Oath”. The plot is set around an elite student society, which is very difficult to get into. The thriller was presented at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal, the Lisbon MotelX International Horror Film Festival and the Imagine Film Festival.

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