Jack White: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Both the first and second albums by John Anthony Gillis, known as Jack White, became not only successful commercially, but also received high critics’ ratings.

The beginning of the road to success

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1975. The baby came to light in Detroit on July 9 in a family with Polish-Canadian and Scottish roots. Of ten children, he was the youngest.

His father, Gorman Gillies, labored in the city’s metropolis as secretary to the cardinal and simultaneously engaged in maintenance of equipment as a technician. Kid, thanks to being an altar boy, in 1987 starred in The Rosary Murders.

Music from his early years attracted John. From the age of five, the boy played drums. Of the directions especially liked him blues and sixties rock. After listening to his favorite recordings together with a buddy, the future musician took up cover versions. Works he recorded on an old tape recorder

Parents determined his son to receive education in the seminary. Only he decided otherwise. Junior Gillis’s decision was to move to a regular public school. The reason for this action was the purchase of a new amplifier and the confidence that it will become too problematic in the seminary to try all its possibilities.

At 15 the teenager became a journeyman in the master of upholstery furniture. He worked with a family friend. Brian Muldoin also loved music as well as his student. From him, John learned about the punk direction of music. A good advice was the recommendation to start playing in a band. By that point, the drums had been replaced by a guitar. The duet with the master was called “The Undertakers”. The team even managed to record an album by Makers of High Grade Suites.

In the early nineties, practical Jack started his business. He opened a furniture upholstery atelier. There was no shortage of clients, but the cause of pleasure to the guy didn’t bring. Musicians from local country punk band Goober & the Peas offered to perform with them. As a drummer with a new team Uyat gave his first professional gig.


As Jack’s favorite number was the three, then his main rule he chose trinity: drums, guitar and vocals. And 1997 came the team The White Stripes. E Jack founded with Meg White, his first spouse. The main focus was underground garage rock.

In 1998, the band began work with Detroit label Italy Records, specializing in garage punk. The first album was released in 1999. Its name echoed the band’s name. A year later, the appellation changed to De Stijl.

Criticism collapsed on the guys immediately, after the release of their first disc. Disapprovingly was also met with their second White Blood Cells experience in 2001. But colleagues paid attention to simplified garage rock, which formed the basis of compositions. Fame came after the presentation of Elephant’s album in 2003. By that point, Jack was contemplating starting a solo career.


worldwide hit was his title single Seven Nation Army. The country’s most famous performers offered to collaborate with them. The debut compilation gradually picked up positions, peaking at number 38 on Billboard’s top.

In the fifth album, Get Behind Me Satan, marimba, piano were added to the usual sounds of the band, increased rhythm guitar parts. All instruments were played by Jack. In 2007, the compilation album Icky Thump was released. In the UK chart, it climbed to number one, and in the US it reached number two. During a tour of Canada, the band performed the world’s shortest concert. It consisted of one note.

New projects

Existence collective ceased on February 2, 2011. This message musicians posted on their official website. Meg and Jack decided to complete the collaboration at the very peak of the form.

In 2005 Jack co-founded The Raconteurs team. Steady’s first composition, As She Goes, was recorded alongside Brendan Benson. A tour took place in support of the debut disc “Broken Boy Soldiers”, including performances with Bob Dylan. A nomination for the Grammy went to the new album “Consolers of the Lonely”. His major hit was the song Salute Your Solution.

He was the drummer and vocalist of the collective The Dead Weather in 2009. By that point, Jack had already learned how to play piano, bass guitar, banjo perfectly. A successful collaboration began with vocalist Alison Mosshart. Horehound’s first collaborative album was released on July 14. It was followed by the compilation Sea of Cowards.

As Jack had already won acclaim for his time at The White Stripes, he collaborated with other musicians alone. In 2012, on April 23, White presented the first solo album. Blunderbuss reached the top lines of the charts in the United States and the United Kingdom.

All facets of talent

Closely with songwriting is connected and the film career of the musician. In 2003, he played a supporting role in the painting “Cold Mountain”. The film also featured five songs in his performance. In the 2007 painting “Ups and Downfalls: The Dewey Cox Story”, the guitarist reincarnated into Elvis Presley.

With Alisha Keese, he recorded the title composition for another “Bondians” film “Quantum of Mercy” in 2008.

Then he and guitarists Jimmy Page and Edge took part in the documentary project “Get ready, it’ll be loud”. The performers talked about their work. In 2008 also appeared White’s first single Fly Farm Blues recorded during filming in the picture. It was introduced on August 11. For the “Rome” compilation, Jack composed three compositions, and the song You Know That I Know wrote specifically for The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams.


musician’s first solo album opened Love Interruption’s single “Premiere” disc Blunderbuss was held on April 24, 2012. In support of the compilation, the tour began in summer. Women’s and men’s bands, The Peacocks and The Buzzards were created specifically for Wyto’s performances.

The new soloist Lazaretto musician announced on the first April day of 2014. A few weeks later, a single of the same name appeared, which became the lead. The album itself appeared on June 10. Both discs received high critics’ ratings.

The new disc Boarding House Reach fans received 23 March 2018. In all his projects and in working with other musicians, Jack acted as a producer. He founded his own record label Third Man Records.

Family and vocation

Not all just in White’s personal life. The musician does not like to tell about her, as it is sure that no relation to his work is private. However, it is also not going to hide the facts.


musician’s first choice was Men White. John met her in the early nineties. The wedding took place on September 32, 1996. The couple separated in 2000, March 24. In doing so, John took the ex-wife’s surname.

In 2003 there was a brief affair with actress Renee Zellweger. The relationship between the two began on filming “Cold Mountain” and ended by the end of 2004.


new companion of the guitarist’s life was British model Karen Elson. She was met by Jack while working on a Blue Orchid music video. The couple became husband and wife on June 1 in 2005. The firstborn, daughter of Scarlett White, at the newlyweds appeared in 2006, May 2. On August 7, after seven years, she acquired a younger brother Henry. Lee. The decision on the separation of the couple was made in June 2011. They managed to maintain friendships in order to raise children together.

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