Jack Bruce: biography, creativity, career, personal life



 life of the future musician began in late May 1943rd in the UK, City of Glasgow. Jack’s real name is John Simon. Since childhood, the boy liked musical art, already at an early age he performed well on the piano. One of his favorite hobbies was attending a local choir in which he trained his vocal pronunciation.


the preschool period he really wanted to learn the art of playing bass guitar, but because of insufficient growth to Jack had to be content with the cello. Only in his senior year of high school was a young man able to begin fulfilling a long longstanding desire — he mastered the guitar for playing in the bass range.

After receiving his secondary education, the guy made the decision to enter a music institute, in his hometown. After studying literally a year, Jack realized that this creative direction does not attract him.

The conservatory taught classical music, a feature of the performance of which is slowness, tranquility. But the youngster’s soul lay to more modern and rhythmic musical offshoots.

Musical career

Bruce’s first performances took place in the capital of Italy, there he masterly wielded contrabass and performed jazz compositions. That trip changed a lot of the guy’s attitude to music: after that, he realized that he wanted to fully connect his life with the guitar art.

Returning home in 1963, Jack made the decision to join a fledgling band called the Graham Bond Organization. The guys performed assiduously in Glasgow but found no feedback from the audience. It was decided to disband the collective. In addition to this musical line-up, for three years the young guy wandered through unknown bands to search for popularity.

In 1966, Bruce smiled his luck: he was accepted into a famous three-man musical line-up, called Cream. In addition to Jack, the trio included Ginger Baker and Eric Clapton.

The guitarists performed for several years, but the band quickly broke up due to quarrels within the organization. Despite the heated atmosphere in the team, the tracks of these musicians gained notoriety. The guys even managed to catch up on the popularity of the leaders of the European “chart” of the time.

Personal life

Jack’s first marriage was made a year before his adulthood. The couple stayed together briefly, soon separated. The kid was taken from the guy. In 1964, Janet Godfrey became his wife; in 9 years in their life together, they had two children.

Further activity

Up until the 90s Jack Bruce tried to regain his popularity, he took part in various trios, released solo albums. Judging by numerous reviews, the creativity of the rock performer gradually “faded” and lost its previous level.

Eventually, 2003 saw the release of More Jack Than Gold – the last compilation of music by an accomplished musician. Nor did it attract any hype and went virtually unnoticed by the ordinary listener. In 2014, Jack died at the age of 71 due to liver problems that plagued him for 11 years.

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