Ivan Yankovsky: biography, career, personal life, interesting facts

The birth date of Ivan Yankovsky is October 30, 1990. He was born in Moscow in a creative family. Ivan is a representative of the acting dynasty. His father is Philipp Jankowski. Grandfather — Oleg Yankovsky. Mother — Oksana Fandera. Grandmother — Lyudmila Zorina. All of them are quite famous actors who have managed to win the love and recognition of the audience. Ivan has a younger sister. Her name is Lisa.

Ivan was on the shoot for the first time when he turned 10 years old. He got the role of an angel in the movie “Come to See Me”. Ivan played masterfully, demonstrating to everyone that he is able to become a wonderful actor without the help of his star relatives.

After successfully working to create a motion picture, Ivan realized that he wanted to become an actor. His parents appreciated his success. They moved their son to film college without thinking. It was at this institution that he took the first steps in his career. Ivan visited various countries during his training, filming a documentary project.

After completing his studies at film college, he immediately enrolled in GITIS. Ivan planned to train for a director. However, subsequently abandoned such a thought. He joined the acting and directing department. He received his education under Zhenovac.

In the same studio started studying and sister Ivan. However, later transferred to another theatre school.

Ivan began

his theatrical career

to perform on stage while studying. He played in a large number of different performances. In 2013 Sergey Zhenovach invited a talented guy to his company.

After a few years, the actor began to perform in the theater. Ermolova. In his first production, titled “Duck Hunt”, he played alongside Kristina Asmus and Daria Melnikova.

Ivan Yankovsky performs on the theatre stage and at the present stage. He does not share film shooting and work in performances.

Career in cinematography

The first project in Ivan Yankovsky’s filmography is “Come to See Me”. The second role was received only after 8 years while studying in a theater studio. Ivan was called on to the set when he was in his final year. The aspiring actor starred in the motion picture “Indigo”. Appeared in the image of Andrei Kalyayev.

Then there was a role in the film project “Dame of Peake”. The talented guy was lucky, because Ksenia Rappoport worked with him on the creation of the painting. To reliably play his hero, Ivan visited the dance studio.

Subsequently, Ivan Yankovsky’s filmography was supplemented by projects such as “Without Borders” and “Zavod”. In the first picture, he appeared before the audience along with actress Anna Chipovska. They played in the novella, which was called “Yerevan”. In the film “Zavod”, Denis Shvedov became the partner on the set.

But the most successful project in Ivan Yankovsky’s creative biography was a painting called “Text”. He starred alongside Alexander Petrov and Kristina Asmus. The film tape was received ambiguously. Some praised, others scolded for excessive candor. Ivan appeared in the image of an FSKN employee before the audience.

Extreme works in filmography of talented guy “Salvation Union”, “Ribs”, “Handra”. At the present stage, Ivan works to create projects such as “Ikaria” and “Fire”.

Outside the set

How are things in Ivan Yankovsky’s personal life? The guy isn’t going to hide this area of his life. For a long time there were rumours of an affair with Camilla Baisarova. However, the relationship fell apart.

The next choice was actress Vera Panfilova. The novel lasted several years. It came to getting to know the parents, but the wedding never took place. The actors didn’t tell anyone anything about the reasons for the breakup.

After a brief affair with Alexandra Novikova, there were rumors that Ivan and Vera were back together. They vacationed in Italy, posting joint photos to Instagram. Together they came to the Golden Eagle Film Festival, during which Ivan publicly admitted that he loved Vera. He thanked her for being around, even when the actor behaves not quite adequately.

Interesting facts

  1. In his childhood Ivan was a very difficult child. He often bullied, walked lessons, cheated. At one point, parents were fed up with their son’s antics. They locked him up for six months in a room. Ivan went out of the house only to school. He could neither watch TV nor sit on the internet. The only entertainment is reading a sports newspaper.
  2. Ivan is not going to star in all films in a row. He often turns down roles. I don’t like it when he is offered to star in the image of a major. Doesn’t want to star in TV series either.
  3. Ivan spends a lot of time with his loved ones. Frequently visits restaurants with his parents and sister, just walking around. He is grateful that the parents at one time showed rigidity towards him.
  4. The actor loves working with talented people. He can call any director and say he wants to work with him. Ivan has done this way several times.
  5. The actor believes there is not a single film in his filmography that he could recommend for viewing.
  6. Ivan took up Thai boxing to deal with fear. He was very afraid of pain. A few nasal fractures helped shake off this phobia.

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