Ivan Vishnevsky: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Ivan Sergeyevich Vishnevsky is a Russian composer and musician with an unusual fate.

Although Ivan Vishnevsky was born in Moscow, the child spent his first years in the United States of America. His father was an international journalist in Washington. He represented the Soviet newspaper Pravda.

Ivan’s parents made sure the boy was not torn away from his homeland. For the summer they sent Ivan to his grandmother, to the Ukrainian town of Akhtyrka. The boy spent time in the company of his relatives. He learned a lot about the Gogol places, which were located on the road from small Akhtyrka to Poltava. Picturesque Dykanka, Mirgorod, Velikiye Sorochyntsi – that’s what remained a bright childhood impression for Ivan. He listened with pleasure and memorized Ukrainian songs, which were played in his grandmother’s house.

Ivan received great musical impressions thanks to radio. Cognitive broadcasts for children told about the work of classics ranging from the music of Johann Sebastian Bach to Russian composers such as Mussorgsky, Glinka, Rimsky-Korsakov.

When his father’s service as a correspondent in America ended, the family returned to Moscow. Parents loved spending holidays in Jurmala. Here, on the Riga Sea, there were often music festivals and symphonic evenings attended by the whole family of Ivan Vishnevsky.

Apart from music Ivan was keen on zoology. He was educated in a circle of young biologists, very fond of journeys in which to observe nature.

But a love of music conquered other hobbies.

Ivan Vishnevsky started his

studies and creative contribution

to study music quite late — at 17 years of age. As a tenth-grader of a comprehensive school, he enrolled in a music school. He fully gave to the exercises of playing the piano and did the impossible. After six months of intensive classes Ivan Vishnevsky successfully enters the famous music school named after the revolution. The choice fell on theoretical separation.

Ivan Vishnevsky told that he heard music in his dream as well. New melodies came to his mind, which he then wrote to the music camp. These were small chamber works.

Successful studies at the school led him to the composer faculty of the Gnessin Institute. Here his professional training was handled by Chernov Gennady Vladimirovich. Under his direction, Wisniewski creates musical works for the choir and the famous Symphonietta.

Work and difficult years

In 1986, the young composer found himself a job at All-Union Radio — he was invited as music editor. While working in radio, Ivan Vishnevsky made a program about Georgy Vasilyevich Sviridov, whom he met very closely. Sviridov approvingly recalled the works that Vishnevsky presented to him. At one of the festivals organized by the great composer, songs and plays by Wisniewski were performed.

The failed 90s greatly affected the fate of Ivan Vishnevsky. He failed to become a member of the Composers Union, he lost his job in radio. He was very hard, having to work as a merchant in a station stall to survive.

Time went on and finally, Ivan Vishnevsky began to emerge from a difficult position. He took part in the founding of “People’s Radio”. Creative interest returned and from under his pen there were new choral works and concerts for piano, symphony.

Wisniewski’s works were again heard on radio and on the stages of concert halls.

Ivan Vishnevsky died in 2018.

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