Ivan Oblyakov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

An early biography


Ivan Oblyakov came to light in 1998 in the village of Vyndin Ostrov, located in Leningrad Oblast. His father was keen on football and coached local boys. It was he who became a role model for young Wane. At the same time, the head of the family often watched with his son matches of the Russian championship, and then they analyzed them together. So gradually Oblyakov Jr. learned more and more about big sports.

After some time Ivan went to St. Petersburg and took part in selection for the Zenit football school. He was successfully enrolled, after which the family moved to the Northern Capital. Ivan was coached by experienced mentor Viktor Vinogradov, identifying the youngster as a midfielder. In this role he took part in a number of matches, showing himself in each of them from a positive side.

Football career

In 2016 Ivan Oblyakov was offered a place in their ranks of players famous clubs “Lokomotiv” and CSKA. He politely rejected both offers, dreaming of signing a contract with “native” for himself “Zenit”, though he was recommended only in his duplicate squad. The management of the St. Petersburg club was not particularly keen to take a young player and at that time looked after already experienced legionaries. For a while Ivan stayed out of business. He trained with Dynamo Moscow and then finally signed an official contract with Bashkir club FC Ufa, which he represented at the official match of the national Premier League.

Such contributions allowed Ivan to move to CSKA Moscow. He was desperate to bat for the team in Champions League qualification matches. During one of the games he suffered a nasty injury, but managed to recover quickly and began to take the field again. On the account of the young player several decisive goals, thanks largely to which CSKA finished fourth in the 2018/2019 season and qualified for the leading European tournaments.

Private life and new successes

Ivan Oblyakov does not like to “bathe” in the rays of fame and rarely communicates with journalists. And yet he keeps in touch with fans via social media. It was there that he first showed the public his girlfriend, who is named Natalia. They have been in a relationship since the period of study at St. Petersburg sports school, and both are fond of football.

In 2019, the coach of the Russian national team Stanislav Cherchesov started collecting a team of young and talented players for preparation for participation in Euro 2020. Ivan Oblyakov was called to the location of the national team. At the moment he is declared in the expanded squad as a midfielder (Anton Miranchuk remains the main player for the time being) and may well enter the field in the coming matches of the championship.

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