Ivan Efremov: a brief biography

Starting conditions

 Ivan Antonovich Efremov got carried away with paleontology not immediately. If you use the terminology of astrologers, the stars that determine his destiny folded into constellations without hurry and not predictably. The future antiquities researcher and science fiction writer came to light on April 22, 1907 in the family of a fabricator. The parents at that time lived in the village of Vyritsa, located near St. Petersburg.

His father owned a sawmill. The mother was engaged in raising children and kept a household. Ivan happened to be the eldest child. Younger brother and sister grew up in the house. Already at an early age, he showed the ability to study the world around him independently. At four he learned to read, and at six was already “studying” novels by French science fiction writer Jules Verne. Before the outbreak of World War I, the Ephraim family moved to the town of Berdyansk in Ukraine. After the October Revolution of 1917, the family broke up, and Ivan found himself in the upbringing of an aunt who lived in Kherson.

A trail of trials and discoveries

Suddenly, the aunt died of typhus. For three years Efremov had to live under Civil War conditions. He was accepted into an automobile battalion of one of the Red Army units. When storming the skop of the young driver contused. As a result of his injury, Ivan began to stutter slightly. In 1921 he returned to Petrograd with the intention of receiving a fundamental education. After two years he received a diploma of navigator coaster and left for the Far East. The navigator Efremov spent two navigations on the Pacific Ocean. And only after this term he entered Leningrad University for the biological department.

And so from that moment began the convergence of the young thinker with the science of paleontology. Efremov regularly, usually during the summer period, goes on expeditions. The routes of movement of prospectors go through the Urals, Volga region, Siberia, the Far East and other regions. In expeditions, the scientist not only collects data for scientific articles, but also writes works of art based on real facts, events and incidents. In 1935, Efremov was awarded the title of Candidate of Biological Sciences.

Recognition and personal life

Ivan Antonovich Efremov is the founder of science, which is called Tafonomy. Essentially it is a teaching about prehistoric animal remains in the ground. He was awarded the Stalin Prize for this theory. As a writer, Efremov gained global fame after the release of the novels “The Andromeda Nebula” and “The Hour of the Bull”.

The personal life of the writer and scientist has developed ambiguously. He was married three times. In his second marriage, a son was born, who was named Allan. Ivan Yefremov died in October 1972 of acute heart failure.

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