Ivan Doronin: a brief biography

Starting conditions

 After the October Revolution of 1917, the widest prospects and social stairs opened to commoners. Until that time the aviators were representatives of the noble estate. After the party and the government of the USSR decided to create a domestic air fleet, the situation changed qualitatively. Young people from remote villages and from the outskirts of big cities responded enthusiastically to the call to conquer the heavenly heights. The biography of Ivan Vasilyevich Doronin serves that as a clear example.


future polar pilot came to light on 5 May 1903 in a peasant family. The parents lived in the village of Kamenka in the territory of the present Saratov Oblast In rural workers, life flowed in labor and care. We need to get out quickly in the spring. In summer, get hay. In autumn, remove the harvest. Public holidays fell on winter time. Like all peasant children, Ivan took a proper place in the economy from an early age. Pass geese. Then looked after the cattle. By force his nature did not offend. For classes in school Doronin went for five versts to the neighboring village of Berezovo.

Writings and days

In 1920 Doronin called into the worker-peasant red army. According to the established tradition, the natives of the village of Kamenka got to serve on the Baltic fleet. After the preparatory mine courses, the Red Fleet received an appointment aboard the squadron mineswearer “Ussuriysk”. A year later, the miner, at his insistent request, was sent to the Marine Airmen School, which was based at Gatchin. The theoretical part of the program was given to Ivan with great difficulty. But he showed his insistence and natural savvy. An entry appeared in the exam sheet — suitable for flying as an instructor, fighter pilot and heavy aircraft.

After five years of service in the Air Force, Doronin transferred to the civilian air fleet and received a referral to Siberia. In the early 1930s, the northern territories of the country were intensively developed. An experienced pilot was involved in laying new routes. Overflew remote areas, and made landings on unbodied sites. The superiors especially noted that the pilot did not commit any accident. The stellar hour for polar pilot Ivan Doronin came in February 1934. In those days, the famous steamer “Semyon Chelyuskin” was wiped with ice and sank. 111 people from among the scientific staff and crew managed to disembark on the ice flooring.

Recognition and personal life

Saving people was only possible with the use of airplanes. The command sent 18 pilots to perform the rescue operation. Only seven reached their destination and including Ivan Doronin. All people, despite the difficulties, were taken to the Big Land.

Ivan Vasilyevich Doronin was awarded the honorary title Hero of the Soviet Union for his participation in the rescue of the Chelyuskinets. In the future, he continued to work in various positions in the civil air fleet of the country.


pilot’s personal life developed safely. He only married once. There were no children in the family. Ivan Vasilyevich Doronin died in February 1951 after a serious illness.

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