Ivan Dobronravov: biography, career, personal life, interesting facts

In the family of Fedor and Irina Dobronravov in 1989, a second son appeared. Called him Ivan. He was born on June 2 in Voronezh. The actor grew up in a family that is very well known what creativity and cinematography is. Irina Dobronravova is engaged in organizing mass events. Before moving to Voronezh, she worked as a teacher. About Fedor Dobronravov and it is not necessary to say anything. The character of the TV series “Matchmaker” is known

Linked his life to cinema and older brother Victor. He gained wide fame by starring alongside Alexander Petrov in the film “T-34″.

A few months after Ivan was born, the family decided to move to Moscow. It happened because Fedor couldn’t find work in Voronezh. But the lead role was played by an invitation from Konstantin Raikin. Fyodor Viktorovich got a job at Satyricon.

Ivan, looking at his father, dreamed of a career as an actor. As a youth, he participated in productions with his father. So I knew about performances on stage firsthand. You could say he grew up in the theater. He was always surrounded by famous people.

Over the years, the desire to become an actor declined slightly. Ivan began to paint. He thought about going for a designer. But the choice fell after all on the theater school. Entered to VTU them. Shchukin. During his training he continued to enter the theatre stage. After receiving his diploma, he got a job at Theater A. Chekhov.

It should be noted that Fedor Dobronravov was not happy that the son wanted to become an actor. But he didn’t resist either. Only warned that this profession is very difficult. Today the job is there, and tomorrow you can be left without business.

Film career

Debut on set took place in the distant year 2001. Ivan was 11 years old at that point. He starred in the miniseries project “The Seekers”. At the casting it turned out completely by accident. Ivan and his father decided to visit Mosfilm. At this time, he was noticed by a recruitment assistant. He called Ivan out for a viewing. The director had 1 trial to approve the boy for the role.

A few months later, he received an invitation to star in the motion picture “Tyga. Survival Course”. Played the lead character. Ironic, but also into this series Ivan got quite by accident. The next project is Return. In Zvyagintsev’s film, Ivan got the title role.

Popularity came to Ivan after the release of the film series “Cadetcy”. Before the audience appeared in the image of Levakov. Ivan was 17 years old at the time of filming. He combined work on set with passing school exams and entering theatre school. The tight schedule has become a major test for the teenager. However, he was not going to give up. In the television series “Cadetcy”, Ivan starred alongside his father. Fedor appeared before the audience in the image of Pope Perepechko.

Together Ivan and Fedor were filmed repeatedly. They worked in the television series “Matchmakers”. Together starred in the motion picture “Moms”.

Ivan continued to film during his training. Projects such as “Elena”, “Short Circuit”, “Labyrinths of Destiny” are most remembered. After playing in the film project “Truce”, Ivan won several prestigious awards. To reliably play his character, the actor learned how to manage the Urals. Remarkably, before that he didn’t know how to drive a car at all.

Every new year, the filmography of the actor is replenished with 2-3 projects. It works mainly with the best directors of Russia and Ukraine. And on the set of the talented guy is surrounded by famous actors.

Projects such as “Method”, “Wonderland” (played alongside his father again), “Man from the Future”, “Marry Pushkin”, “Devil Hunt”, “Buy Me”,” Freestyle Diploma”. Ivan is not going to stop there. He continues to be active in new projects.

Successes outside of work

In Ivan Dobronravov’s personal life everything adds up perfectly. His spouse was a girl called Anna. The lovers invited only the closest people to the wedding. A few months later, the baby came to light. Happy parents called their daughter Veronica.

Ivan loves to travel. Off set spends a lot of time chatting with friends and loved ones. Loves to play basketball and listen to jazz. Dreams of visiting France.

Interesting facts

  1. To the choice of roles Ivan fits responsibly. He’s not going to star in all consecutive projects. He has admitted more than once that he loves mass motion pictures most.
  2. Ivan’s wife has nothing to do with cinema. She’s a dentist. At the present stage he is engaged in raising a child, but in the future he plans to go to work.
  3. Ivan is not going to star in a commercial. But if these times come when he is called, he will only advertise what he likes.
  4. Fedor and Ivan collaborated repeatedly on the set. But it was only in the Moms movie that father and son played… father and son.
  5. For one of the roles Ivan learned to use weapons.
  6. At the Venice Festival, Ivan met Hollywood star Sean Penn.

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