Ivan Belsky: biography, creativity, career, personal life

When studying ancient chronicles, Russian history, it is impossible not to meet the name of Ivan Fyodorovich Belsky. This prince lived in the 16th century, participated in significant events of the time.


of Belsky Ivan Fedorovich with a friend Dozhenno

unknown when he was born Belsky Ivan Fedorovich. But what it did not become in 1542 on Belozer, it is in the annals indicated. There is also information here that Ivan grew up in a full family. He had a father, Födor, a mother, Anna, and two brothers. Also Belskys are relatives of Ivan the Terrible in the third knee.

Personal life and descendants of

I. F. Bielsky was a happy husband; his wife was Shchenyatev’s daughter Mikhail Danilovich. That too served Grand Duke Basil the third.

Vasily III Ivanovich Grand Prince of Moscow

and Mikhail Danilovich, and I. F. Bielski became hostages of the intrigues of the time.

The wife gave Ivan Fyodorovich a son, who was also named Vanya. When the young man grew up, he married the cousin of the sister of Queen Anastasia Romanovna. Then this younger Ivan also had a son, it was already Ivan Fyodorovich Belsky’s grandson. Historians believe that the boy came to light in 1535, he was given the name Gabriel, but it was mundane. Then Gabriel Ivanovich Belsky accepted the church order and became Galacion Vologda.


grandson of I. F. Bielsky — Galacion

Vologda Great Hikes

Military career Bielski is known to chroniclers. It began in 1522. Then he and his brother Semyon Fyodorovich accompanied their patron the Grand Duke of Moscow on one of their campaigns.

After two years Ivan Fyodorovich was appointed chief voivode of the regiment. So he stood at the head of the thousands of Russian troops, which went to the Kazan kingdom.

But the cavalry held up en route, and the foot troops awaited the arrival of the horsemen. The reinforcements were not suitable, then Ivan Belsky gave the order to besiege Kazan.

Soon the city authorities began to ask for peace, promised that they would send their ambassadors to Moscow. Bielski believed them, left the city and went back. But then the ambassadors who came to Moscow did not recognize Kazan’s submission to Russia, but only asked to approve the appointment as their tsar of the head of Kazan Safa-Giray.

Because the outcome of Belsky’s campaign was so unsatisfactory, he faced punishment, but Metropolitan Daniel interceded for Ivan Fedorovich.

A few years later another trek to Kazan took place. By this time I. F. Bielsky was assigned the rank of boyarin. He also commanded foot troops. And under the leadership of Mikhail Lvovich Glinsky there was cavalry. Troops of representatives of Russia won a victory, but in Kazan didn’t enter because of a ridiculous dispute, as each of the military commanders said that he and his troops should first enter the city.

Mikhail Lvovich Glinsky

Then the Glinskie family played another evil joke with the Belsky. So, Elena Glinska in 1534 told to capture Ivan Fyodorovich and put him in prison.

And in the beginning of 1542 there was a palace coup, which was led by Ivan Shuisky. He ordered the expulsion of Belsky I. F. on Belozero, where in May 1542 he was killed on the orders of Shuiski.

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