Ivan Belousov: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Ivan Belousov was born to a new style on November 27, 1863 in Moscow into a simple family. His father Alexei Fyodorovich was a tailor. Parent considered reading books an empty occupation and composing something reprehensible. Alexey Fedorovich was sure that the son needs to become a tailor. These facts were later recalled by Nikolay Dmitriyevich Teleshov — poet and writer. It is with him that the grown up Ivan Belousov subsequently organizes the circle “Wednesday”. But it was later. In the meantime, the young man writes poems in secret from his father. When the young man turned 19, he decided to show his creations in the editorials of some magazines and newspapers. Here took these poems with pleasure and published them.


‘s career

began the creative career of a young publicist. When he turned 36, Ivan Belousov together with other poets and writers creates the literary circle “Wednesday”. This society existed until 1916. The name of the union is no coincidence, as its participants came together on this day of the week. At first the meetings were held in apartments, and after 8 years it was possible to get a room in the Literary and Art Circle. The chairman of the society “Wednesday” was first Sumbatov and then – Bryusov. This included such famous people of art as: Gorky, Vasnetsov, Bunin, Andreev, Veresayev, Rachmaninov, Serafimovich, Shaliapin.

As we see, this organization gathered not only literary critics, but also singers, artists, composers.


Communication with such people profitably influenced the development of Ivan Belousov’s abilities. He translated Taras Shevchenko’s work “Kobzar” from Ukrainian. Critics wrote that thus Belousov managed to popularize this Ukrainian poet among the Russian-speaking public even more than some Ukrainian representatives tried to do. art.

Also Ivan Belousov managed to popularize the creations of the Polish writer and poet Maria Konopnicka and Ada Negri, an Italian poet, as well as many Belarusian and Ukrainian poets.

Also Ivan Belousov wrote short stories for the younger generation, historical and literary works. The latter include such works as “Gone Moscow”, “Literary Moscow”. From these works readers will learn a lot of interesting things about famous writers. Here Belousov spoke about Korolenko, Gorky, Tolstoy and his other famous contemporaries.

Personal life

The famous literary critic connected himself with the bonds of marriage in 1888. His wife was the daughter of a merchant — Rakhmanova Irina Pavlovna. The couple had four sons: Ivan, Yevgeny, Sergei and Alexey.

Ivan Belousov left behind not only four beautiful heirs, but also interesting books, including memoirs, poems. In one of the books he combined the creations of the same as him self-taught writers, than he made a great contribution to the discovery and popularization of these hitherto unknown authors.

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