Ivan Alexandrovsky: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Ivan Alexandrovsky was not only a photographer, an artist, but also an engineer-inventor. He is the creator of the first Russian submarine and torpedo.


Ivan Alexandrovsky was born in Courland Governorate in 1817. He received a good education, graduating from a real school. This was in 1835. Then the future inventor moves to St. Petersburg.

Already at this time Ivan Alexandrovsky painted perfectly. He then starts exhibiting his work. His talent was noticed, gave the young man the title of unclassy artist.

Career and creativity

The gifted young man began to realize his talents, teach drawing and drawing. He taught children privately, then he was invited to work at the St. Petersburg Gymnasium. Then Ivan Fedorovich Aleksandrovsky perfects another talent. He opens a photographic institution, which was very popular, such that he is invited to photograph the sovereign himself and the individuals close to the emperor.

In 1852, c. Ivan Fedorovich presented the apparatus for obtaining volume pictures through stereo photography. A little later, he presented these photos in one of the exhibitions. Such pictures of the inventor were the first such works in Russia.

The famous talented scientist created a torpedo and a submarine. In 1866, this submarine was built at the Baltic Works. At the same time she was visited by the sovereign, who was told about the device of this closed vessel.

After 11 years Aleksandrovsky I.F. invented diving equipment, which was autonomous and operated on compressed air. He wanted to introduce his invention as a universal military tool. So, the diver, carrying a trolley loaded with air cylinders, could attach explosives to the enemy ship. Underwater, people in special gear could be up to 3 hours. But only an experimental sample was created, in mass production this idea was not introduced.

Ivan Alexandrovsky was a dedicated inventor. He spent all his own funds on the search, so by the end of his life became ravaged. When he became seriously ill, this talented man was placed in a hospital for the poor. A talented inventor died alone, abandoned and forgotten in 1894.

Disbelief in the ability of the Russian people

It is

no secret that in those days the Tsarist government bowed before everything foreign. Alexandrovsky was not given money so that he could perfect the invented torpedo. The Ministry paid a large amount of money to purchase the secret of the torpedo from a Whitehead foreigner, and he was paid money for the fact that he then produced experienced copies. And the enthusiast Aleksandrovsky himself perfected his torpedo, achieved acceleration of its speed, which was almost the same as that of Whitehead, according to other indicators was not inferior to foreign analogues.

So inventions of a unique Russian scientist were not appreciated due to disbelief in the talent of Russian people.

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