Isabel Ajani: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Isabel Yasmina Ajani is not only a world-famous actress. She is also France’s favorite singer. She played on stage since sixth grade, and made her film debut at 14.

The road to recognition

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1955. The girl appeared in Paris on June 27 in the family of an Algerian emigrant who worked as a car mechanic.

Isabel demonstrated her artistic abilities as early as her early childhood. She enjoyed reincarnating into other people. Talented girl with live facial expressions invited to star in “The Little Corner” Bernard Tablank-Michel. A new work was the painting “Fostin and the Beautiful Summer”, filming of which began in 1970.

Two years later, Ajani began working at the People’s Theatre of Reims. The most popular performance with her participation was “The House of Bernarda Alba”. The young actress received an invitation to “Comedie Française” in 1974.


Directors willingly offered the girl all new roles. Isabel didn’t have to compete with anyone. The famous Francois Truffaud suggested the 19-year-old performer play in his film “The Story of Adele G.”. The award for the work was Oscar and Cesar nominations. After the release of the picture on the screen, the actress was waiting for both international recognition and prestigious film awards.

Ajani had to make difficult choices between theatre and cinema, as it was impossible to combine stage and shooting.

The work in the film “Loyalty” earned the star the Cannes Festival prize and the César Award.

In 1983, the celebrity starred in the detective “Murderous Summer”. At the same time she debuted as a singer. In the vocalist’s birthplace, it became one of the most popular compilations.

Private life and career

In the painting “Camille Claudel” in 1988 the celebrity participated not only as a performer title role, but also as a co-producer. The star then took a break. In 1994, she starred in several films, and three years later she was on the jury of the Cannes Film Festival.

In 2008 the star took part in the photo project “Master and Margatita” in the image of the famous heroine Bulgakov. A Chevalier of the Order of the Légion d’honneur and Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters in autumn 2018 appeared in Gavras’s crime comedy “The World Belongs to You The work has been named one of the best in celebrity’s work.

The actress kept her private life carefully hidden from the paparazzi. So a surprise came news of her son’s birth in 1979. Barnabe’s father was director Brüno Nuitten. The relationship of the toddler’s parents did not develop; they broke up.


star’s new selection was in 1989 actor Daniel Day Lewis. From him Isabel has his second child, a son Gabriel-Kane. The relationship ended in 1995. The breakup in 2004 ended and the affair with the musician Jean-Michel Jarre.

The actress speaks out against xenophobia and anti-immigrant relations in France. The celebrity is the face and muse of famous perfumery and cosmetics brands, continues to be a significant figure in the fashion industry, illustrating his own words about the fact that age is femininity no.

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