Isaac Asimov: a brief biography

Starting conditions

The advent of computers and the development of information technologies significantly changed the surrounding reality. Today, writing work is done by hundreds and even thousands of talented people. However, as the main shines on the night firmament illuminate the earth’s roads and trails, so do the writers of yesteryear, classics and coryphaes serve as a reference point for contemporaries. Isaac Asimov is one of the great fantasy writers. More than half a thousand short stories, novels and essays came out from under his pen. He worked successfully in different genres, but is remembered to posterity as the creator of the model of future humanoid civilization.

The future writer and scholar came to light on January 2, 1920, in a poor Jewish family. Parents at that time lived in the locality of Petrovichi in the territory of modern Belarus. His father worked as a miller. The mother was involved in housework and raising children. When the boy turned three, the Asimov family moved to America and settled in famous New York City. We opened here a confectionery shop, the income from which was enough for a modest existence. The boy grew up observant and deliberate. When Isaac turned five, he was given to school. To do this, the birth certificate had to be amended as the school was accepted from the age of six.

Creative path

After graduating, Asimov joined the chemistry department at Columbia University. In 1941 he received his master’s degree and went to graduate school. However, the war that began confused all plans. A young chemical scientist had to move to Philadelphia and work on building vessels for the navy. In 1945, he was drafted into the army. After the end of the war he returned to New York and continued his graduate studies. He defended his thesis and received a doctorate in biochemistry. Afterwards, he was invited to teach at Boston University School of Medicine. All these years Asimov successfully combined scientific activity with literary creativity.

Isaac wrote his first short story when he was barely 11 years old. In 1939 the story “In captivity at Vesta” was published in the pages of the thematic magazine. By this point, Asimov was already working on the first robot stories. The author presented the story “Robbie”. A year later, “Liar” was published. This work told the story of a robot who knew how to guess people’s desires. And after a short period of time, readers learned the three robot behavior laws that the writer formulated.

Recognition and personal life

According to people far from literature, Asimov’s most significant work was the “Academy” trilogy. Suffice it to say that this book is included in the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency staff training program.


writer’s personal life developed without much excesses. Oh was married twice. In the first marriage, a son and a daughter appeared. There were no children in the second marriage, but the couple was fond of fiction and professionally engaged in psychology. Isaac Asimov died in April 1992 of heart failure.

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