Irina Skobtseva: a brief biography

Childhood and youth

 The future actress appeared on August 22, 1927 in an ordinary Soviet family. Parents at that time lived in the famous city of Russian gunsmiths Tula. His father did scientific research in the laboratory of the General Directorate of Hydrometeorological Service. Mother worked here at the archive. Circumstances developed in such a way that Irina spent most of her time in her grandmother’s house. Here, what’s called, was closely engaged with her aunt. The girl grew inquisitive and understandable. She studied with great desire to play the piano and attended the fine art studio.

Irina, along with her aunt and grandmother, regularly visited the local theatre. When talking about the future came, she expressed a desire to become an actress. The war began when the girl was not yet thirteen years old. The enemy failed to capture her hometown, but Skobtseva learned from her own experience what is hunger, deprivation and death of loved ones. The school curriculum in a significant amount had to be absorbed independently. After graduating, the girl decided to get an art critic’s education and entered the Moscow State University.



student years Skobtseva not only studied “perfectly”, but also managed to to engage in student theatre. She took part in almost all amateur productions. She was invited to participate in competitions and reviews of artistic self-activity. Irina sang, danced and performed with humorous miniatures. These hobbies are not lost. After receiving the diploma of art critic, Skobtseva did not work in a specialty and a month. She realized that she didn’t want to spend her whole life sitting in the archives. And she went to MHAT Studio School. She was already known here and accepted immediately for the third year.

Actress Irina Skobtseva’s debut took place in 1955. The painting “Othello”, in which she performed the role of the fatal beauty Desdemona, came to the screens. The jealous Moor was played by Sergey Bondarchuk. The film won the prestigious prize at the International Cannes Film Festival, and Skobtseva the title of “Miss Charm”. A year later, she sang the title role in the “Ordinary Man” tape. The film passed across country screens with great success. Thanks to her bright appearance and gorgeous plastic movements, Irina was mostly offered to play the roles of women of noble origin.

Recognition and personal life

to Skobtsev’s audience and critics was long remembered in the role of Hélène Kuragina, although she was not the main character of the film epic “War and Peace”. She continued to be shot in paintings of different genre. Skobtseva was awarded the honorary title “People’s Artist of the RSFSR” for her great contribution to the development of Soviet film art.

Irina Konstantinovna’s personal life developed from the second “double”. The first marriage lasted just over a year. The actress met her real husband on set. With Sergey Bondarchuk, they lived a long and happy life. Raised and raised two children — a son and a daughter. Irina Skobtseva continues to work in the Theatre studio of the film actor.

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