Irina Ponarovskaya: a brief biography

Childhood and youth

Since her young years Irina Ponarovskaya was distinguished by a bright personality. She stood out among her peers not only by external data, but also by unique vocal abilities. A natural sense of style, purposeful character and performance enabled her to achieve great success in creativity. The future singer and film actress appeared on March 12, 1953 in a family of creative intellectuals. The parents lived in the Russian cultural capital city of Leningrad. His father conducted a jazz orchestra at the city’s Philharmonic. The mother worked as a solfeggio teacher at a music school attached to the local conservatory.

The girl showed vocal and musical abilities from an early age. While still in preschool, Irina began to engage with an educator who set her a voice with a range of three octaves. She studied easily at music school, where she mastered the technique of playing harp and piano. After receiving her matriculation certificate in 1971, Ponarovskaya submitted her papers to the Leningrad Conservatory. Throughout her training period she collaborated as a soloist with the singing guitars vocal and instrumental ensemble.

On the creative path Widespread

fame came to the singer in the mid-70s. In her hometown, Ponarovskaya was known as a soloist of the ensemble “Korobeyniki”. At the international variety song competition “Sopot-1975″, Irina received the Grand Prix for her performance of the song “Plea”. Besides, in Poland all fashion magazines and other publications wrote about her. A few months later, she was invited to take the title role in the first Soviet rock opera, “Orpheus and Eurydice”. After this event, Irina began to be invited to film. She glossed over the flair of reincarnation in the paintings “Nut Krakatuk,” “It Doesn’t Concern Me,” “The Trust That Bursted.”

The singer was regularly invited to television. Ponarovskaya was a frequent guest in the programs of “Morning Mail”, “Blue Ogonek”, “Alarm Clock”. After some time, she became the host of Irina Ponarovskaya’s Fitness-Class program. The singer and TV presenter was not for nothing considered an icon of style. After preliminary training, she registered her personal clothing brand and opened a tailoring atelier for women’s dress. However, the project had to be closed as there is stiff competition in this market segment.

Recognition and personal life For her

great contribution to the development of musical art Irina Panorovskaya was awarded the honorary title “Honored Artist of the Russian Federation”. The singer was awarded a large star plate on the square of pop stars of Russia.


actress and singer’s personal life developed dramatically. She was married three times. Whenever the family union fell apart. Irina raised and raised her son. At the moment she spends a lot of time at the country house, which is located in Estonia. Loves to grow flowers and socialize with grandchild and granddaughter.

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