Inna Walther: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Talent for music manifested in a girl at 3 years old. She loved singing and performing in front of her family. Early learned Inna to play guitar. Most of all styles the young artist liked chanson, but she chose not a blissful repertoire. All songs by Walter are about life and love. In the manner and style of performance of the most songs are close to the variety genre.

Path to Dream


biography of a future celebrity began in 1994. The baby appeared on August 21. The creative abilities of Inna and her brother Ivan in the family were encouraged and developed. On the words given by adults, children composed poems, and mother determined in a kind of competition the winner. At 13, a girl wrote the first song.

As a teenager, Walter became passionate about the direction of chanson. This direction was preferred by the father, who passed on his fascination to his daughter. She mastered bayan and guitar playing, with lyrics combined with music. The author posted writings on YouTube. They received quite a few rave reviews, despite the lack of high-quality equipment and amateur shooting level.

After school, the graduate continued her education at the Altai University of Culture. Inna took part in student concerts all the time. After graduation, the girl moved to St. Petersburg, deciding to start a career as a singer.

First successes

In her songs, the main thing is the filling of meaning penetrated performance, soulfulness and vocals, rather than dancing and gesticulation. Each work author and performer resides on the stage.

So far, Walter’s discography makes up the only record “Fly”. Recorded disc in the genre of yard music in 2016. Then the vocalist completed work on the music video “Let’s Lie”. His fans of Inna’s oeuvre can see on her YouTube channel.

Serious success came in 2018. Brought fame the composition “Smoke treated” or “Confession of a Hooligan”. Millions of views collected and a clip of her. In early 2019, the vocalist introduced the track “Pulling for You”.

In March, a duet with Mikhail Borisov, “Let Everything Be That Way”, premiered. The composition quickly gained popularity.

Family and creativity

About personal life Walter does not seek to tell. However, it is known that Vadim Mamzin became her choice and husband. Fans learned about their wedding in 2019. He is the director and producer of the singer. Soon there was information that the family was expected to replenish. In 2020, Inna posted a picture online with her newborn son Mark.

So far, Walter calls caring for the baby. However, she has no plans to interrupt her career on stage. One of the few chansonnier girls is preparing new songs. Fans are waiting for Inna’s piercing tales of love, experiences.

Walter strives for the uniqueness of his style. And critics have noticed more than once that she succeeds. The star actively promotes creativity in social networks. The singer pays a lot of attention to this moment.

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