Ingrid Michaelson: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Both Ingrid Ellen Michaelson’s parents had a direct relationship to creativity. Early on, the ability of the daughter also showed.

The road to recognition

The biography of a future celebrity began in 1979. The child appeared in New York on December 8 in the family of copyright employee Carl Fischer Music, an amateur composer, and his wife, a sculptor.

From the age of four, the girl played the piano, later studying at the Manhattan Musical School. She was engaged in the theatre group Kids on Stage. At the Dorothy Delson Kuhn Music Institute Jewish Community Center on Staten Island, Ingrid was perfecting skills. The girl graduated from Binghamton University with a degree in theatre.

The student became part of the groups “A cappella” and the comedy improv group “Pappy Parker Players”. The girl was composing music and laying out creations on the “Myspace” set. Debut was the 2005 compilation “Slow the Rain” In 2006 Michaelson presented the album “Girls and Boys”. The author was contacted by the music producer of “Anatomy of Passion”, asking for permission to use themes in the TV project Michaelson founded her label, with which to re-release the disc in 2007. Criticism praised the musician’s work.


The biggest U.S. networks and popular primetime shows spun several days single “The Way I Am” in advertising. Ingrid presented the first song album “Be OK” in 2008. The most popular composition of the same name won.


compilation “Everybody” was then recorded, rising within the “Billboard” top 20. The song “Maybe” was played on TV programs. The singer performed a concert at Sydney’s Metro Theater.

In 2011, Michaelson’s “Winter Song” took the second position of the Irish Song Chart. Unique in terms of sound was the album “Human Again”. Several tours were organized in support of the creation. This compilation was the singer’s first officially released record in Australia.

New facets

In early February 2014, the vocalist introduced the single “Girls Chase Boys”. In April, recordings of “Time Machine” and “Afterlife” appeared. The compositions were included in the compilation “Lights Out”, the gift November edition of which contained 6 bonus tracks.

The studio CD “It Doesn’t Have To Make Sense” was presented to music artists at the end of April 2016. The uniqueness of the “Hell No” video was that the artists of the “Deaf West theater company” in it performed songs in sign language. The author conducted a tour in support of the disc A year later, she recorded “Alter Egos”, a 5-track EP of reworked singles. Vocalists were invited for each.


star has developed as an actress as well. In the Broadway musical “Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812″ in the summer of 2017, she played Sonia Rostova. In cinematography, the debut in early 2018 was the comedy “Humor Me”


The beginning of 2019 was marked by Ingrid’s announcement of starting work on the score for the mutadaptation of “Notepad”. Michaelson introduced the compilation album “Stranger Songs” in June.

Creativity helped equip a celebrity’s personal life. Her choice and husband in 2011 was musician Greg Laswell, with whom Michaelson collaborated in 2010. The couple separated in 2015.


star’s new selection was actor Will Chase. The artist told fans about the affair started with him.

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