Ingrid Alberini: biography, creativity, career and personal life

His daughter cinema owner Alberini named after Ingrid Bergman, a favorite actress. He dreamed that the girl’s life would connect with cinema. And she studied acting since childhood.

The road to triumph


biography of the future star began in 1973. The child appeared in the town of Gastello on September 11 in the family of the owner of the cinema. The baby helped her parents by selling tickets. It’s not uncommon for Ingrid to spend her spare time watching her favorite movies.

Baby was fond of drawing, singing well. Often at home, she staged performances, portraying her favorite artists and various animals. In school, no event without the participation of a vigorous and talented student was done. At 14, Ingrid mastered the guitar and found fame in her homeland. Very soon, she realized that music attracted her the most.


graduate decided to continue her education at the Faculty of Philosophy, which successfully graduated after 5 years with a PhD degree. In 1994 the girl took part in the contest “Voice of Sanremo”, in which she became the winner. She competed for the Ferrari racing team in Monte Carlo. In 2011 began her collaboration with Larry Pignagnoli and Marco Soncini, new songs were recorded.


Recognition of an aspiring soloist in Europe brought the composition song “Tu es foutu”. The single also won the United States and Australia, entered the Top 40 of “Billboard”, becoming the leader. An English-language version of the hit appeared. Other rising star songs were also successful. In 2003, the vocalist presented the first album “Rendez-vous”.

The novelty was waiting for a warm welcome. After her success, Ingrid went on tour in Europe. In 2005 she released a new compilation album “Voila”. The self-titled composition and single “Mama mia” quickly turned into megahits. The performer turned her concerts into real shows. In total, she released 6 discs.

In any amplua, the star feels comfortable. She likes to change very much, so she is always ready for new images. The idol fans saw in the image of a young Frenchwoman, and a more adult sophisticated individual. And in the music video for the song “Les Dragueur”, the vocalist demonstrated the duality of nature, singing both male and female roles at the same time.

On and off stage

In 2012, the star recorded a cover version of the song “Our Neighbor” popular in the Sixties in Russia called “La Trompette”. In-Grid starred in music videos, gave more than hundreds of concerts and has no plans to stop her career on stage. Star is fluent in 4 languages, the blood of his native, defended his thesis on psychoanalysis and ethics, having already been recognized as a star in 2006.

The singer doesn’t like to talk about personal life. She has never suffered from a lack of attention, but short-lived novels don’t interest her. In the interview, the celebrity confesses that she doesn’t have time for cardiac affairs.

But in her spare time she is happy to do painting. Draws celebrity female portraits in unusual technique. In her paintings, only the left side of her face.

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