Imojen Heap: biography, creativity, career and personal life

In the opinion of Jennifer Jane Heap’s Imojen, calling electronic music cold is incorrect. The vocalist is sure it’s not about the music, it’s about who listens to it. The compilation “Ellipse” became one of the leader in the category of electronic and dance albums and brought the performer “Grammy”.

The road to success


biography of a future celebrity began in 1977. The girl appeared on December 9 in London in the family of an art therapist and a merchant of building materials.


baby got carried away with music in early childhood. She learned to play the piano and improvised for a long time. The clarinet and cello were then mastered. Heap dreamed of becoming a composer. The parting of her parents prompted 12-year-old Imojen to compose songs.

The performance in the ensemble did not appeal to the high school student. She was tuning in for a solo career. On her own, the girl mastered sampling, sound processing.

The graduate continued her education at the London School of Performing Arts and Technology, “BRIT School”, where she worked on her own compositions and studied the intricacies of the recording artist profession.

Star take-off

In the mid-nineties, a student recorded several songs with Nick Kershaw. In 1996, the girl started a collaboration with the experimental pop group “Acacia”. She made her debut as a professional singer on the show by the organization “The Prince’s Trust”. The acquaintance with eminent colleague Guy Sigsworth in that period developed into a successful creative tandem.

Heap introduced the first album “iMegaPhone” in 1998. Criticism admired the sophistication of melodics and the softness of electronic orchestras. The artist performed several times in the United States, toured all of Europe.

During the forced pause in work, the rising star wrote not only wrote new songs for herself, but also participated in work on Jeff Beck’s album.

Imojen took part in Sigsworth’s new project. The album was virtually completed by the end of 2001. Heap recorded all the vocal parts. Then both participants came to the conclusion that the duo format is most suitable for their further cooperation.

The team “Frou Frou” debuted in the summer of 2002 by the “Details” compilation. It attracted both the muffness of the soloist’s voice and the stylishness of electronic sound. However, after the premiere, each opted for a solo career. Friendly relations between the musicians survived. Together they created and covered “Holding Out for a Hero” for “Shrek 2″, and worked on songs for another Britney Spears disc, and wrote remixes for the band “Temposhark”.

Solo oeuvre

Self created the singer compilation “Speak for Yourself”. Even recorded his star at her own studio, made all the arrangements herself, acted as author, producer, vocalist and cover creator. The only deviation from the “self” principle was Jeff Beck’s guitar solo in the composition “Goodnight and Go”.

The work proved very successful. Singles from the disc were heard on the TV series “The O.C.”, increasing the number of fans of the musician’s oeuvre. The song “Can’t Take It in” entered the music for the first part of the fantasy about Narnia.

As a female orchestra, Imojen undertook a mini-tour of the United States. She went on to become a participant of the biggest festivals. A new success was being nominated in 2006 for a Grammy as Best Artist and Best Song Author for a Soundtrack.

The most complex and large-scale project was the third disc “Ellipse”. Since its release in the summer of 2009, it has not left positions as a commercial favorite, entering the most prestigious charts not only in the author’s homeland, but also in Canada, USA. In 2014 the artist presented a new work, the compilation “Sparks”.


star’s personal life is successfully added up as well. Her husband became Michael Lebor. In the family in November 2014 there was a child, daughter Florence Rosie Hip-Lebor.

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