Ilya Bogdanov: biography, creativity, career, personal life


 Ilya Bogdanov was born in 1988 in Vladivostok. He studied in secondary school №39, then entered Khabarovsk Border Institute, graduating in 2010 with a law degree. After receiving his education he was admitted to the FSB as an operative. He took part in the Dagestan counter-terrorism operation. He was transferred to the FSB border management in the village of Khunzakh and in 2013 to Primorsky Krai. As befits a security officer, does not disclose information about family, personal life.

In 2014 Bogdanov exercised control in the field of conservation of marine biological resources in Primorsky Krai. During the same period actively observed the situation in Ukraine, its armed conflict with Russia in the east. Ilya made the decision to move to Ukraine, where he voluntarily joined the battalion of the national guard “Donbass”, and then became a member of the corps “Right Sector”, in which he took part in several combat operations against Russian troops. For his achievements he was appointed commander of the 7th Platoon “Right Sector”.

Military operations in Ukraine

Ilya Bogdanov took part in the liberation of Ilovaysk, directed the defense of Donetsk airport and the village of Pesky. He also conducted intelligence activities in Verkhnyotoretske, carried out diversionary attacks on the territory of various settlements in the DPR. Bogdanov’s actions received support in the person of the government of Ukraine and its president Petro Poroshenko personally, who granted Ilya Ukrainian citizenship and work in 2015.

For a while Bogdanov was actively interested in political career, joined party “Petro Poroshenko’s Bloc”, however he didn’t manage to pass to the district Rada. After ceasing hostilities, he got a job in one of the Kiev car services, and in 2017 he opened the cafe “Pyan-Se bar” with a Korean menu. At the same time he was fond of blogging and actively covered various sides of his life on social media.

Attempts of assassination

According to Ilya Bogdanov and the Ukrainian authorities, he was constantly hunted by the Russian secret services. So in 2015 the killer who attempted an assassination attempt on Bogdanov’s life was captured and arrested. At his trial, the failed killer reported that he had acted on instructions from Russian FSB officers, and was subsequently sentenced to eight years in prison.

In 2016, Ilya Bogdanov suddenly went missing and his friends appealed to law enforcement. Verification of various versions, including possible customized murder, has begun. In search operations, the former military man was found. As it turned out, it was kidnapped by one of the classified Russian power groups “Ravay”. Currently, Bogdanov continues to engage in entrepreneurship, and his life is not threatened by anything.

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