Ilfat Zakirov: biography, creativity, career, personal life

Chechen war will remain a tragic page in the history of our homeland. The biography of our hero is closely related to her. He failed to realize his dreams and become a mentor for young athletes, he gave his life for the peaceful future of his country.

Early years

Ilfat was born in early February 1970 in the city of Izhevsk. His name in translation from Tatar means “friend of the Motherland”. The child’s father bore the Latvian name Indulis, which is unusual only today when the USSR has already broken up into separate countries, many of which are infected with Russophobia. Apparently there was a tradition in the family to choose names based on their meaning rather than nationality.

The city of Izhevsk, in which Ilfat Zakirov Boy was born and raised

studied in secondary school № 55. Teachers remembered him as a diligent schoolboy who, however, was no different from his peers. To the sciences and creativity of the boys preferred physical education. If in junior high it was a typical childhood desire to spend more time outdoors in the company of friends, then by adolescence passion for sports has become a fascination with martial arts. Zakirov was engaged in the city’s children’s and youth sports school of sambo.

Big future

High school player was on good score at the coaches. They noted that the young man possesses not only a high level of skill, but also knows how to explain the basics of sports literacy to beginners. Ilfat Zakirov prophesied the career of the coach. In 1988, he was drafted into the army, and the mentors worried that their talented student would prefer to work with young people. After demobilization in 1990 the guy returned to Izhevsk.

All-Russian tournament on judo of a name of Ilfat Zakirov

The young candidate in the master of sports began to teach in DÜSCHE NO.4. Within a year he became famous, but a major change in the political arrangement of the state forced the coach to leave his post. The collapse of the Soviet Union led to the intensification of crime. Funding for institutions that worked with children and young people was virtually stopped. Criminals were happy to see in their ranks strong guys without education and hopes to find well-paid jobs. Ilfat Zakirov began to oppose them, becoming an instructor of non-departmental protection of the local enterprise “Izhstal”.

On the guard of law and order

, the

choice between sports school and military service was made in 1991. Ilfat Zakirov became an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. A guy with good physical data and hand-to-hand combat skills got into SWAT. Here he majored in sniper. The leadership qualities for which he was prized by coaches in his hometown showed up in army service as well. Our hero got a responsible post of commander of the office. The unit in which the fighter served belonged to the Department of Corrections for the Udmurt Republic.

In 1995, commandos from Udmurtia sent to the North Caucasus. Among those who went to help his comrades, Ilfat was also among those who went to help his comrades. During business trip the guy got acquainted with the situation in the region. She was unsettled. Islamic radicals recruited locals into gangs. The local criminal was heavily armed and justified his actions by ideology. Zakirov proved himself responsible commander, therefore he was promoted in rank and received a platoon under command.

Business trips to the Caucasus

Homecoming for our hero was only a respite before returning to the hot spot. The young man never decided to find himself a wife and have children. Too dangerous was his job. The special forces carefully concealed his private life. He knew criminals stopped at nothing by waging their war.

Ilfat Zakirov

At the end of summer 1999 Ilfat Zakirov was sent command to Dagestan. There from the territory of Chechnya a group of terrorists broke through. The task of fighters of special forces was to detect and eliminate the gang, which carried out raids on peaceful settlements of the republic. There was no question of any struggle for independence – it was a combat raid to destabilize the situation. This time Zakirov had more powers – he directed the assault branch of the special forces “Krechet” unit, which was subordinate to the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

Fatal assault

After successful execution of tasks in Dagestan, Senior Lieutenant Zakirov returned to his permanent duty station. In early 2000 it was again needed in the line of Russian troops fighting against militants in Chechnya. This time the Krechet unit was directed to the village of Komsomolskoye, in which Ruslan Gelayev’s gang took place. One and a half thousand fighters managed to strengthen thoroughly in the settlement, turning it into a fortress.

Participants of the assault of Komsomolsky recall that the order to attack was given without prior arttraining. The garrison met them with squall fire, fighting went for every house and every street. The squad, which was led by Ilfat Zakirov, was at a disadvantage. The soldier needed to be led away so they would regroup and hit again. Heavily wounded commander with one of privates Valery Bakharev took to cover with fire retreating commandos. The courageous fighters died but saved their comrades.

Ilfat Zakirov Street in Izhevsk Ilfat Zakirov

‘s contribution to the security of the country was assessed awarding him with the title Hero of Russia posthumously. The name of the warrior is the street, kindergarten and sports tournament in Izhevsk.

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