“I Will Survive”: a hit on all time

Such creation on success was just doomed initially. The feelings invested in the single and conveyed by the performer are very close to both Gaynor herself and talented authors of the masterpiece.

The birth of the masterpiece

The story of the song began with the dismissal of two full-time songwriters from their jobs at Motown Records. Dino Ferakis, one of the victims, did not despair. Hearing the theme he had previously created for the film “Generation” he made the decision at all costs to survive and become a famous author.

Work on a future hit Ferakis began with fellow unhappiness, Freddie Perren. Inspiration did not leave them from the beginning of activity, so the result turned out accordingly. It was for the performer, able not only to feel the atmosphere of creation, but also to convey it to the listeners.

The search for a suitable candidacy proved long. As a result, the authors were ready to offer a single to the first famous singer who wished to sing “I Will Survive”. It was at this point that they were contacted by representatives of the label that Gloria Gaynor had collaborated with. They offered to produce the singer’s track “Substitute”. At that time, the successful vocalist experienced considerable difficulties. The Disco Queen had time to forget, preferring new stars.

Triumphant Premiere

Perform her proposed creation the vocalist agreed, barely hearing the composition. “I Will Live” is the confession of an abandoned woman who learned to solve everything without the help of her chosen person who left her.

Gaynor, from the first moment, perceived the hit as a tale of overcoming obstacles in the broadest sense. She was impressed with the encouraging mood of the single, and not losing relevance words about the eternal problem.

Recorded the song on the back of the record with the main track “Substitute”. However, DJs were more willing to put “I Will Survive” in all clubs. So soon the single in the new edition changed with the ex-leader places.

In early spring 1979, the composition occupied the first lines of all United States charts. As best disco record “I’ll Live” won the Grammy, becoming the only one of its kind. Later, the performer said that the triumph of overshadowing all her previous songs hit doesn’t upset her in the least.

Unfrozen fame

Star admitted that singing the masterpiece that returned her popularity will never tire. She takes pleasure in changing rhythms, arrangements, even inserting hip hop style pieces.

In front of the public, the celebrity was always laid out completely during the performance of “I Will Survive”, because fans adore this single. The composition made a list of the greatest songs of all time. She was quailed by many famous musicians. The most unloved option, Gaynor admits, for her was a cover alteration, dubbed “Cake.”

In 1998 the megahit became the anthem of the French national football team at the world championships. To this day, the song “I Will Live” remains one of the most performed without losing its popularity with listeners.

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