How to protect the environment


Treat water carefully, don’t waste it. At the slightest opportunity, close the tap, such as when you brush your teeth or lather your head. If funds allow, purchase a dishwasher. Water consumption will immediately become more economical, which will also safely affect your budget.


Save power: Turn off lights and electrical appliances when you leave home. Replace incandescent light bulbs with energy-saving ones. Do not forget to yank all sorts of chargers from sockets after they use them, because even not connected to devices they continue to consume electricity.


Use eco-friendly materials. Give up plastic bags, buy a canvas bag for trips to the store. Prefer disposable cardboard utensils. Buy eco-friendly products. Not only does it help protect the environment, it also benefits your health.


Take care of paper, because so many trees are cut down for its production. Use electronic media if possible. Print on both sides of the sheet. Carefully view unnecessary notebooks, notebooks, sheets, there are probably still unfilled areas that can be reused for records. Buy paper products from recyclers. Unnecessary newspapers and magazines pass to waste paper reception points, about their location can be found using various Internet resources. Help nature – plant a tree.


Always remove the garbage behind you: do not throw fancy, paper and other waste on the street. Instruct children to protect the environment from early childhood. Going into nature, make sure that the place where you have had a nice time is kept clean and in order after you leave.


Responsible to used batteries. Do not throw them away, but take them to special reception points. Batteries contain toxic metals that, released in an urban landfill, enter the soil over time, causing enormous harm to the environment and human health. Unneeded or damaged mercury degrees also need to be taken immediately for disposal.


Car exhaust fumes pollute the air very much, a problem that is felt particularly acute in major metropolitan areas. Give preference to walking, if there is such a possibility, do not use a personal car without special need. In this way, you will reduce the harmful emissions to the atmosphere at least a little, and walking in the fresh air will have a good impact on your health.

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