How to organize a persons cremation

For and against cremation

In Russia there are crematoriums only in some cities. According to statistics, 45% of residents use the services of this organization. Cremation is considered a cheaper method of burial than betraying land or embalming, and is also less damaging to ecology. Opponents of burning the bodies of the deceased see the process as less emotional. There is no way to see with your own eyes how a man is buried in the ground, and to say goodbye to him.

If one does not want his body to rot in the earth after death, he may bequeath to cremate himself, as well as knowingly describe how to do with dust.

Crematorium furnaces

In crematoria, special furnaces are used for combustion. The temperature in them is equal to 800-1000°C. It’s enough to make a person’s body collapse into small pieces. The deceased is placed in a container or coffin made of combustible material and directed to the furnace. The whole procedure takes 80-120 minutes if it’s about an adult person. Relatives may be present at the burning, and before and after the event say goodbye to the deceased. There is an opinion that from the body remains ash. But it doesn’t, the body disintegrates into small pieces. All processes in the crematorium are automated, the person only controls the computer. After burning, the remains should cool, and only afterwards are the ashes placed in an urn.

How to dispose of remains

Human remains are kept in a crematorium until relatives decide what to do with them. It is possible to bury in the ground or to dispel ashes in a designated place. The crematoria already sells everything necessary for the farewell ceremony and for burning. All sectors of the population can benefit from goods and services for a reasonable price. Urns for ashes are made of bronze, ceramics or wood. It can then be placed in a columbarium or buried in a cemetery.

While relatives decide what to do with the remains, ashes in urns are kept in special refrigerators.

The Orthodox Church is sympathetic to cremation. Cities in Russia are growing, there are fewer places that can be reserved for the cemetery. How many people die each day, then their bodies decompose, releasing toxic substances that poison drinking water and land. The ROC does not prevent the burning of bodies in the kilns of the crematorium, as it does not contradict the Orthodox canons. This is confirmed by the holding of the services of the priests right in the crematoria.

The furnace in crematoria must meet all international standards. In it there are two chambers, in one of them there is a burning of the body, and in the other of the remains are burning harmful gases and impurities. On the way out get ashes without a bad smell.

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