How to live according to the gospel;

You will need
  • – the gospels of Luke, Matthew, Mark, John.

To begin living according to the gospel, study the earthly path of Jesus Christ described in the Bible. The Bible includes four canonical gospels officially adopted in Christianity. These are the gospels of Matthew, Luke, Mark, and of John. Despite the fact that the authorship of all these books is questioned by serious scholars, it is generally believed that they reflect the basic covenants of Christ.


Take for the rule from time to time to address the gospels. Even if you read the life description of Jesus more than once, you may miss important points that lurk in these messages. Read and re-read the gospels regularly and carefully. Otherwise, life according to the gospel will resemble only following so-called universal values, many of which have only a distant relation to the teachings of the Christian Church.


Realize that gospel life is not a competition for the title of the best. Each person is individual and comes to the idea of the existence of Christ his own way. Often, the road to understanding the essence of Christianity lies through doubt and insecurity. Familiarity with the facts described in the gospels, confirmed by eyewitness testimonies, strengthens the spirit of those at the very beginning of spiritual development.


When reading the gospel, pay attention to the moral principles which Christ preached, addressing his listeners and disciples. The most complete commandments of Jesus are reflected in the famous Sermon of the Mount, which was included in the Gospel of Matthew. This collection of moral norms should be a part of your life if you choose to start living the gospel.


Once before another moral choice with which the worldly life is full, remember how Christ advised to do in this or that situation. Always remember the golden rule that says: Do unto others as they would like them to do unto you. In this central position of the moral and ethical teaching referred to as Christianity, a deep philosophical meaning is hidden. Following this new principle, you will make your life filled with moral content passing through every gospel.

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