How to get rid of the accent


Accent can appear even in your native language if you start talking in it less than in the language learned. Therefore, to eradicate mispronunciation in a foreign language, it is necessary to act from the negative. Organize a trip to the country of the language you learn. You can pay for a few months in a language school if you have that financial opportunity. But that’s not the only option. Students can find in the US, UK, France and other countries working for summer, and at the same time improve their pronunciation.

Also, people of all ages can enroll in one of the volunteer programs. Volunteers restore forests, restore historical monuments, rescue animals in different countries of the world. Usually the volunteer only pays for the road, and food and accommodation is provided by the host party. But take into account that abroad you need to try to communicate with locals, not stay surrounded by fellow countrymen who speak your native language.


Additionally improve your pronunciation can specialists. In particular, such issues are dealt with by teachers on theatrical skills. Many well-known theatre and film actors early in their careers had a regional conversation, which they managed to successfully overcome. The teacher can be found in the theatre studio. They are often organized at cultural houses or professional theatres.

However, in order to pronounce, say, in English, you will need an educator from English-speaking countries. It can be found in language centres or in courses under the language departments of universities. If in your city there is a cultural center of the country whose language you are learning, contact there – often the prices for tuition at such centers are lower, and the opportunity to meet a native teacher is higher.


Work on improving the pronunciation yourself. Watch more foreign language movies, listen to music. Phonetic exercises from textbooks and self-teachers can also help you. But take into account that with self-improvement of your pronunciation you will still need consultations with the teacher. For example, you can meet with a tutor once a week and work out all the difficulties you have. If you have little free time, you can organize classes with a tutor on the Internet via video link.

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