How to find control on noisy neighbors

For starters try talking to violators in a good way. Come to them and explain that their tumultuous activities get in the way of you. And ask to make the music quieter or put aside until morning a puncher or hammer. Adequate people will understand everything, apologize and let you rest easy.

If the problem could not be resolved peacefully, threaten to call the police. It usually works out. Few want a showdown with law enforcement. Didn’t help? Then dial “102” or call the precinct police station of your district. In the meantime write statements that residents such – that apartment violate silence and peace. Even better if the statement is collective. Surely not only are you prevented from sleeping, but the rest of your neighbors. Violators police officers will have to make a remark and write a fine. And for systematic complaints can even be detained for 15 days.

Neighbors continue to bully after that? Then file a statement of claim in court. Demand noisy neighbors compensation for moral damage. However, to do this you will have to get the support of other residents of the house, who will be able to confirm that your defendants are actually making noise at an unsettled time of day. Also required will be an act of exceeding the permitted noise level and a conclusion that the violent activity of the neighbors has caused you moral or material harm, such as a certificate from a doctor that from a nervous tension you began to suffer migraines or from repair work in the apartment on top you had plaster covered.

If even the court does not frighten hyperactive neighbors, it remains only to grouse in their apartment overhaul and make noise insulation. Today, using various building materials you can make soundproof walls, floors and ceiling. However, this will reduce the area of rooms slightly, but you will forget about the troubled neighbors forever.

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