How the Slaves lived




inhabitants of forests and meadows

Slavs began to settle from the territory of the Carpathian Mountains and the riding of the Dniester, along the Danube, the Dniester, Vistula, Elbe, Volga and Oka. Mountains and steppes were not interesting to our ancestors, so they settled near flat rivers – cut forests, built dwellings on meadows. This factor significantly influenced the formation of life and even the character of Slavic ethnos.

Our ancestors were engaged in fishing, hunting boars, bears and moose. They picked berries and mushrooms. A few later Slavs began in the felled territories to grow cultural plants suitable for food and weaving.


The cohesive people the

Ancient Slavs did everything together — all the village burned the forest, soils fertilized the soil, ploughed the earth. Worked all diligently, laziness was discouraged. Older men enjoyed special reverence.


Simple life of

special sophistication the life of Slavs was not different. Our ancestors had a dwelling partly in the ground. The roofs were thatched. During the cold and rain, window openings were closed with planks. In the house stood wooden stalls and tables, a kiln made of stones and clay. Slavs slept often on the ochapki of hay, on top of which stacked menagerie skins. The dishes were all of clay too. Clothes were worn from linen. The dwelling stomped on black. Smoke was coming out of the windows. To maintain heat in the house, the doorways were low.


Settlement of villages

In the early period, when inhabitants of neighboring villages often conflicted among themselves, Slavs surrounded their villages with earthen ditches, deep ditches and frequencies of herds.$ We tried to locate settlements in places where protection was natural — on hills surrounded by rivers.


Fantastic world of Slavs

Our ancestors enthralled natural elements — wind and rivers, sun and earth. The Slavs believed that mermaids and water live in the water, in the forest – left, in houses – house houses. The spirits were treated with apace and reverence. During the holidays, bonfires were burned, songs were sung and chorovers were driven.

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