How the peasants lived in Russia


Most peasants in Russia lived in semi-dugouts or chopped houses. It was a small room where the whole family was housed, where cattle were sheltered in winter. In all, the house had 2-3 windows, and those small ones to keep warm. The main one in the house was the “red corner”, where the iconostasis was located. The lady could consist of one icon or several, there was also a lamp with oil and sacred scriptures with prayers. In the opposite corner was located a furnace. She was a source of warmth and a place where food was prepared. They stomped it on black, all the smoke remained in the room, but it was warm.


The house was not customary to divide into rooms, all housed in one room. Often families were large, with many children sleeping on the floor. Necessarily in the house there was a large dining table for the whole family, where all the householders gathered for food.


The main time peasants spent working. In summer they planted vegetables, fruits, cereals, tended to them to get a large harvest. Also brought cattle, almost every family had chickens. In winter animals in severe frosts were allowed into the house to keep them alive. In cold times, men repaired labor items, created furniture, utensils and other necessary items. Women weaved and sewed clothes in winter. Home cloth shirts were the backbone of the wardrobe. The festive outfits were beautifully embroidered. And on their feet peasants until the 20th century wore lapti.


The families of the peasants were large, it was thought that there should be as many children as god would send. The basic principles of life were described in “Domostroa”, it talked about the duties of a man and a woman, the rules of conduct. Marriages were performed for life. After this rite, the woman was expected to wear two braids rather than one as in maiden.


The peculiarity of Russian life was the cuisine, which is still appreciated all over the world. The abundance of cereals and flour products was striking. Often baked stretchygai, pies, patrushka. But potatoes appeared in Russia only in the XIX century, so traditional recipes don’t use it. Sci, borschi were considered the most delicious dish. They were prepared in the oven, where they languished for a long time and acquired an unprecedented taste and aroma.

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