How the Chinese live


Country of contrasts.

What does China look like in the eyes of a simple tourist? Undoubtedly, this is a densely populated country with an interesting history and a very complex language. What else can be unequivocally said about China? Is it a country poor or rich? Do the ideals of communism or ancient philosophical teachings reign here? After all, the country is this mononational or multinational. In China lives a large number of peoples — actually Chinese, Uighurs, Tibetans, Mongols, Kazakhs and many others. Since members of all these peoples belong to the Mongoloid race, the inhabitants look roughly the same. But the differences are at times colossal. Tibetans are Buddhists, Uighurs are Muslims, Han (actually Chinese) also practice different religions. In terms of wealth and poverty, China is undoubtedly a country with a powerful economy, yet the average incomes of Chinese are very modest. Although life seems fabulous in megacities such as Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, in far-flung provincial villages, the inhabitants have a miserable existence.


A variety of cuisine.

Cockroaches, beetles, worms do not form the basis of the Chinese diet. Generally the concept of “Chinese cuisine” is rather inaccurate. There are four independent regional cuisines in the country. And, only in southern China really love locusts, cockroaches and other creeping creatures. In the rest of the country, residents are unlikely to be happy with such exoticism. The usual food of Chinese is not that different from other peoples food – meat, eggs, vegetables. Perhaps apart from rice, which makes up a significant part of the diet of Chinese residents. Eating Chinese noisily, not hesitating to litter and make obscene noises while eating.


Chinese family.

More than one child to have in China is problematic. It has to do with local laws. Therefore, large families are rare for modern China. Thanks to the ability to know the sex of the child before childbirth, there are many abortions. Not all Chinese families want to have an only daughter. Prefer boys for pragmatic reasons. And it is easier for men to take care of and pray for dead ancestors only members of the strong sex have the right to care for and pray for dead ancestors. If a girl is born, who will pray for the well-being of departed ancestors in the afterworld? Such strange superstitions carry considerable weight in China of our days.

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