How Robinson Crusoe survive


Survive at any cost

The first time Robinson Crusoe had the opportunity to die at the time of the shipwreck itself. The will of occasion helped keep him alive. Of course, Robinson was in the right place at the right time and was able to get out alive onto land then as his comrades drowned. On the first night, when the island was uncharted, the sailor forethought climbed a thick branch tree. Robinson thus saved himself from the likely encroachment of large wild predators and venomous snakes.


Take everything necessary

As Robinson’s half-sunken ship initially remained within reach, he was able to take to the island the maximum possible number of things you need. First of all it was necessary to take food supplies – rice, breadcrumbs, cheese, boiled goat. Robinson also managed to get carpentry tools, guns with gunpowder, sabers, clothes, pillows and sails on the ship.


Survey of the territory and creation of a temporary dwelling

On the first day Robinson decided to explore the surrounding area to understand whether there is any danger from local fauna, determine what can still be fed (since supplies would only be enough for a limited time) .$ The sailor learned that the island has birds and beasts, like hares. After fencing off a small pad of boxes and chests, Robinson built something of a shalash. Soon the sailor perfected the dwelling, making a tent out of vents and sail. Also from the tuffiac Robinson built a bed and was able to sleep in relatively comfortable conditions.


Construction of a full-fledged dwelling

Further Robinson proceeded to manufacture a full-fledged dwelling. To do this, he fenced the plot with stakes and began digging the cave. It is time to create a hearth. Then Robinson got full furniture. During construction, the sailor became closer acquainted with the local fauna, learned that there were goats on the island.


Psychological resilience

Of course, everything needed for existence Robinson had, however to be alone on the island without communication was very hard. Fortunately, the sailor managed to grab ink and feathers from the ship, so he could fix his thoughts. A dog and cats were rescued from the ship, so Robinson had the opportunity to communicate with at least some living creatures. And after he was lucky enough to meet a living soul in the face of a faithful friend Friday from a tribe of savages living nearby. Only such comprehensive survival work helped the hero escape.

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