How maternity pay in Canada

Calculation of maternity leave and payments for working women

Leave may not be received by all women. It is not given to non-working mothers, nor to those who have not worked at the same company for more than 3 months full-time. For the partially employed, the minimum threshold for getting a decree is 600 hours of work for their company.

Specific conditions are also available for business owners or self-employed women. They cannot take leave under the same rules as employees and must provide for themselves during pregnancy.

Maternity leave in Canada is divided into 2 parts – before and after the birth of the child. A pregnant woman may not work for 17 weeks before giving birth. If desired, she has the opportunity to transfer unused days to the period after the birth of the child. After childbirth, parental leave begins – it is 35 weeks. Thus, the total period of leave during and after pregnancy is about a year. In rare situations, leave may be extended. If

the couple wishes, the father of the child may spend part or all of the vacation with him instead of the mother after In this case, the maternity payments would be counted and accrued according to the father’s income.

The amounts paid to the expectant mother depend on her salary. Its average income for the last six months is based on its basis. She is entitled to receive a percentage of that average earnings throughout the holiday. The percentage depends on the province – for example, in Ontario it’s 55%, and in Quebec it’s 70% during pregnancy and in the first three months after the birth of a child, and then 55%. There is a payout ceiling – no more than 1,800 Canadian dollars a month. A woman can work, but so that earnings do not exceed half of her maternity payments.

In addition, there are special conditions for individual categories of employees. When concluding an employment contract, companies often provide special bonuses for employees, including an increase in the amount of maternity payments up to 90% of the average salary. Most often, top professionals and civil servants receive such bonuses.

If the family adopts a child, one parent can also get paid leave of 35 weeks.

Payments for non-working women

Even if a woman does not work or does not meet the criteria for payment of maternity money, she may receive some financial aid. After the birth of the child and until the age of 6, she will receive 100 Canadian dollars per month regardless of the family’s income. Poor families with less than the official minimum per person may have another benefit – about 300 Canadian dollars.

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