How Dagestanis treat Armenians

Before answering the question of how Dagestanians treat Armenians, it should be clarified about what may be a race because of: different beliefs; personal dislikes; various kinds of discourse views on historical events.


There can be national conflicts between different peoples when representatives of different concessions argue whose religion is better?

Christianity appeared in Armenia very long ago, in the first century AD. And at the beginning of the 4th century, King Trdat of Armenia officially recognized Christianity and proclaimed it as the state religion. Armenia is the first Christian state in the world. Now more than 90% of the population of this country belongs to one of the most ancient Christian churches — the Apostolic Church.

There are many peoples living in Dagestan. At the end of December 1997, the law of the Republic established the right of citizens to freedom of religion. But roughly 96% of the inhabitants of this country are adherents of Islam. And about 5% practice Christianity. Therefore, there may be some misunderstandings between Dagestans and Armenians on the national ground. But these friendly peoples have long learned to live in peace and harmony.

Personal dislike and friendship

If a Dagestan and an Armenian were together at some event, they liked the same girl, there may be a conflict. However, if men are wise, then they will be able to curb their hot southern temper and come to terms.

Sometimes representatives of these two countries live and work in the same city. Since they are Caucasians, usually, being far from the Motherland, they are very treacherous to fellow countrymen. In such a situation, Dagestani people treat Armenians well and call them brothers. And if the representatives of these two peoples make friends, usually such strong ties are very strong.

Historical events

Even conflicts between Dagestans and Armenians can occur if in the historical past they have had differences, armed skirmishes. For example, Azerbaijanis and Armenians sometimes remember Nagorno-Karabakh, whose territory is claimed by both. During the invasion of Mongol-Tatars, especially during the period of the ravages of Timur, the Armenians and Dagestanis came a hard time. These peoples of Transcaucasia put up worthy resistance to the conquerors. But the aggressors killed them, took them prisoner.

Remembering their ancestors who fought so heroically against the conquerors, Dagestans and Armenians feel like friends and brothers every time. After all, their prashchurs fought the Mongol-Tatars shoulder to shoulder. Armenians and highlanders of Dagestan have stood up against various conquerors more than once.

In general, Dagestani people are well treated to Armenians, they are linked by ancestral culture, traditions, folklore — fairy tales, proverbs, sayings. Of course, as well as between any people, there can be differences, conflicts, quarrels between specific representatives of a particular country. But basically all of these Caucasians treat each other well.

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