How a student should bede


Explain to the child that a student in school should not behave like at home. Tell the charter of the school to the kid, even if he is a primary school student. Think of how in an accessible and simple language to convey the whole text to the student. If the child continues to behave in an undisciplined manner, repeat some points for him daily. Only a comprehensive approach to parenting will help solve your problem.


Do not raise your voice on the child unless your efforts lead to a certain result. If the child is mobile and insecure, forbid taking various games, including a mobile phone or tablet, to school. Use of such means of communication in lessons is forbidden, as the thoughts of the student are busy not learning a new topic of the lesson, but how to pass the next level of electronic play.


Ask a teacher to specifically explain his discipline requirements. Each teacher responds differently to behavior. If the requirements of questions are clearly formulated in the course of the educational process will not arise. Tell the kid that not complying with school rules can lead to deductions.


Explain to the kid that he shouldn’t spoil school property. Don’t draw on pairs, don’t tear textbooks, don’t beat window glass or dishes in the dining room, don’t smoke or bring alcoholic beverages. All these actions bear material and criminal responsibility that only parents of the pupil will have to pay, and no other. The child should look always clean and tidy, not paint his face and hands with pens and flomasters.


Watch out for what textbooks, notebooks and other school supplies are stacked in a bag. Control whether all textbooks match the lesson schedule. Very often, children confuse or forget all the things they need for a lesson.

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