History of the formation of the group “Lyceum”

Ensemble “Lyceum” came to light in 1991, December 12. The unique sound, sincere message and excellent sense of style explain the success of the project. In 2020, the trio perform except Anastasia, Sofia Taich and Ekaterina Nepruk.

Beginning of activity

The idea of creation belongs to Alexey Makarevich, a gifted production artist and musician. The member of the group “Resurrection” decided to create a project, the hallmark of the participants of which will be the guitar in hand.

The best candidate to implement the plans was his adopted daughter Anastasia Kapralova. Besides her, the team included Isolde Ishkhanishvili and Elena Perova.


participants of “Lyceum” made their debut in November 1991 in the program “Morning Mail”. The girls sang the quartet “ABBA” single “One of us”.

First successes The

date of birth of the collective is called December 12, 1991. However, as a new ensemble, the trio performed with the song “Saturday Night” from its repertoire in April 1992 in the TV show “Musical Oboz”.

At the same time, the participants debuted with the album “House Arrest”. The first music video was shot for the title song of the new compilation “Girlfriend Night”. The concert activity started from the moment of graduation by all the participants of the school.

Famous girls became after the Open Curtain disc. The composition “Autumn” was recognized as a number one hit. In 1994, the trio named the best band. In 1995, the team was presented with the Ovation Award as the opening of the year.

“ Lyceum” presented 9 discs to the fans, performed in more than a thousand cities, shot 14 music videos, gave a concert in the Russian State CDC “Russia” and starred in the documentary film “Actually”. Repeatedly, girls took part in TV programs.


With her retirement from the project in 1997 Elena Perova, Anna Pletneva became a member of the trio. A compilation “Sky” was recorded with her participation. In 2000 the stylistics changed to more modern. For the new disc “You Became Another”, some of the singles were written by Nastya Makarevich and Anya Pletneva.

In 2001 Isolde left the team. She was succeeded by Sophia Taich. In October 2005 Anna Pletneva was created by Elena Iksanova.

In August 2014 Alexey Makarevich left life. The group was produced by his daughter Anastasia, all the time being not only the voice and face of the team, but also its constant leader. The trio changed its name to “Nastya Makarevich and the Lyceum Group”.

On Radio “Dacha” premiered the composition “Synoptics”. In early December, listeners were presented with the album “Best Songs”, which includes 2 new singles.

In December 2017, Ekaterina Nepruk came to the team, replacing Nastya Berezovskaya. The first disc released under the direction of Anastasia Alexeyevna was the album “Time Rushes”. Its release was March 1, 2018.

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