History of the band “Vacuum”

Neither the change of participants nor the years since the foundation have failed to prevent the group “Vacuum” from pursuing a career on the variety and at present.

Successful start

The idea of creation belonged to composer Anders Wolbeck and member of the famous “Army of lovers” team Alexander Bard. The main feature of the new project was to be a mix of symphonic and electronic music.

The band was originally given the name “Vacuum Cleaner”, “Vacuum Cleaner”. However, for the sake of goodness left only the first word. Then came a succession of supplementing vocals and finding soloists. Matthias Lindbloom was invited to the project in 1996 by Bard. Keyboards entrusted Marina Shipchenko.

At the end of the year the audience was presented with the first creation of the ensemble The song “I break” was firmly established at the top of the Eurocharts, and the music video for it was recognized as the best in 1997.


The album “The Plutonium Cathedral” appeared on Feb. The electric sound was diluted with symphonic, melodies abounded with orchestral arrangements, and some singles featured operatic vocals.

The success of the novelty was deafening. Eurotouring began after the release of the composition “Pride In My Religion”. In early 1998, the musicians released the song and music video “Tonnes Of Attraction”. “Vacuum” were winners of the national electromusic award “SEMA”.


single “Let The Mountain Come To Me” also received high marks, although the triumph abroad by the band members themselves seemed incredible. Due to the desire to change the familiar sound, the release of the new disc “Seance At The Chaebol” was postponed. Studio versions came out as europop music with topical lyrics themes.

Didn’t forget about the special appearance. Designer Sally O ‘Selivan dressed participants in black suits with a minimum of detail, complementing the images with black nail polish and super-stylish hairstyles. This became a chip of the “collective”, which was also characterized by static and not dynamic behavior at their own concerts.


In 1999 interest in the project lost the Bard. New compositions were created now by Lindbloom together by Wollbek. A new compilation “Icaros” has been released. In 2000, the musicians presented the extended album “Culture Of Night” and temporarily ceased activities.

She left Shipchenko’s group, deciding to engage in art gallery. She later moved to Bard’s new “BWO” team.


nearly forgotten “Vacuum” sounded again a couple of years later. In May 2002, members released the single “Where the story ended” as the duo Landblum-Wolbeck.

The keyboard player’s place was taken by the guitarist The topic of sociopolitics was replaced by personal experiences. The electro-trance-techno-music style compilation “Your Whole Life Is Leading Up to This” the band released in 2004. The team continues its creativity, regularly pleasing fans with novelties.

Musicians collaborate with pianist Michael Zlanabitning.

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