Heliodorus: appearance, properties of stone and compatibility with Zodiac signs

In the East, sun-golden crystals of heliodorus were considered a symbol of wealth. Minerals enjoyed immense honor from the Magaraja. In the Middle Ages, items of ecclesiastical wares, printing were made from gems, and colorless crystals were used as optical glass.

Appearance The

original names of the gift of the Sun were smaragd, golden beryl and livirin. The habitual appellation of stone received only by the 20th century. The deposit was discovered in 1910 in Namibia. Rich honey color has rare crystals, and collectible features greenish hue and special transparency.

Transparent copies are the most valuable for jewelers. Dim and muddy copies in jewelry do not use. There are impurities of iron and, occasionally, uranium in the beryl subspecies. They determine the color of the mineral. Transparency in durable to mechanical damage heliodor is enhanced by high temperatures. At the same time, the mineral acquires a bluish hue.

In nature, uranium gives this color. Varieties of greenish-, orange- and golden-yellow hue, as well as orange crystals are distinguished. Iron admixture explains the presence of greenish filaments in the stone.


willingly use stone healers in practice.


Gem has abilities:

  • restoration of metabolic processes of the body and normalization of the functioning of the GI tract;
  • healing diseases of the liver, gallbladder, spleen, preventing the development of gynecological ailments;
  • getting rid of neurotic diseases;
  • increasing immunity;
  • stabilizing pressure;
  • minimizing occurrence and development of problems during pregnancy and childbirth;
  • elimination of chronic fatigue;
  • purchase of pain of any nature.


Esoterics also found useful properties in the crystal. Heliodorus protects the wearer from negativity, attracts success and luck to the wearer. Particular importance to the mineral in magic was provided by the ability:

  • to enhance the dignity of the person and to reduce the shortcomings;
  • to relieve the disturbing thoughts, resentment, aggression and irritability;
  • attract positive people;
  • bring personal happiness
  • to

  • ensure good relationships in the family, maintain love and mutual understanding between spouses;
  • develop intuition, $ intelligence;
  • increase vital tone and gain harmony with the world.

Decorations with a solar gift fit all color types and combine with any style. For this products are constantly popular.

Astrological correspondence

Astrologers believe that the mineral is suitable for all members of the zodiacal circle. However, he will become the strongest mascot for the Twins and Lions. It is advisable for lions to wear heliodorized in gold several times a week. The perfect option will be a ring. The amulet will gain loyalty to others and perceive criticism constructively.

Twins will get the ability to act more weighted, will gain mental balance. Scales and Pisces with the help of self-color will unlock creativity and get a rush of energy. For Scales, the frame is recommended silver.

Very sociable and active people on weekdays wearing such decoration is contraindicated.


Special care heliodor does not require. Be sure to clean it of impurities with soft soap, nashatyr and water with the help of a soft toothbrush. After treatment, the surface is thoroughly wiped with a napkin without lint dry.

  • To maintain a beautiful shine, the mineral is gently rubbed with soda several times a month and then washed under running warm water.
  • During the work of the house and sports, decorations must be removed so as not to damage the accessory. Contacts with household chemicals negatively affect the appearance of the jewelry.
  • The

  • natural shine of the stone deprives a long stay under the direct rays of the sun.

Since there is uranium in the composition, it is advisable to check the stone for radioactivity before buying. The best choice will be a small stone. Wearing a doll and suspension is better away from the thyroid area. Wear the accessory not constantly, take breaks.

It’s pretty simple to distinguish a natural specimen from a fake. On the glass, a natural crystal leaves scratches. In addition, real stones are equipped with quality certificates.

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