Hélène Segara: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Music career started with the 11th girl winning the competition. Despite the family’s negative attitude towards her choice, Hélène Rizzo Segara did not stop performing. Even losing her voice didn’t cause her to put her hands down. The effort was successful and the singer once again returned to the stage.

The road to fame


biography of the future star began in 1971. The girl appeared in the town of Sea-Four-les-Plages on February 26 in the family of Bernard Rizzo, an employee of the shipyard’s office, and Teresa Kasparyan, an employee of the tax department. Her daughter inherited love of music from her father who adored opera.

The parents separated in 1979. The child was raised by a mother who disapproved of Helene’s interests. But active support to granddaughter was provided by grandfather and grandmother. At the age of 11, the girl won the music competition. Her performance was noticed immediately. In 1993 Segara released the first single “Loin”.

The girl in 1996 moved to Paris. Her voice made a huge impression on Orlando Gigliotti. He insisted on a complete change in the image of the vocalist. Success did not keep waiting for itself. In 1997, the new song “Je vous aime adieu” won the prestigious Rolf Marbeau Award. The album 1999 “Glass Heart” ran huge copies.


for Career Development was facilitated by an invitation to the role of Esmeralda in the musical Plamadona and Cocciante. Hélène was then offered to record the song “Away from the December Cold” for the cartoon “Anastasia”. The singer had to leave the stage after losing her voice in 1999.

An exhausting tour of Quebec resulted in unhappiness. The surgery and successful recovery course allowed the vocalist to return to the stage. In New York City, work began on a new album. The collection “Au nom d’une femme” saw light in 2000.

The disc led the performer to the “Victoires de la Musique” award as Artist of the Year. The song “Il y a trop de gens qui t ‘aiment” rose to the top lines of the hit parades.

Family and stage

Hélène does not stop engaging in creativity. In her performance, Joe Dassen’s composition “Et si tu n ‘existeras pas” gained a new sound, becoming a major hit. In 2014 a new collection of the performer “Tout comment aujourd’hui” was released.

Hélène also took place in personal life. Her husband in late August 2003 became musician Mathieu Leca. The family has three children: two sons, Matteo and Rafael, and daughter Maya.

Raphael became a musician, writing songs. On Hélène’s recommendation, he shortened the name to Raf to avoid associations with famous performer Raphael. In 2012, together with her son Segar, she performed the single “The World Inside Out”.

The vocalist tours the country, travels abroad. She is active in philanthropy. She loves watching movies, adores animals and plans to live on a small island with friends and family. His purchase is still in the dreams. Hélène collects hats. The singer calls her parents’ wedding ring with her mascot.

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