Hélène Rolle: biography, creativity, career and personal life

Celebrity mom engaged in organizing concerts, the fascination of the programmer father became the restoration of ancient buildings. Hélène Rolle owes her artistic career to her grandmother, who brought her granddaughter to the casting in the painting “Black Barb”. New filming took place only after 12 years.

The road to the vocation

Biography of the future star began in 1966. The girl was born in Le Mans on December 20. Older and younger sisters Hélène, Virginie and Sophie grew up in the family.

Since childhood, the girl loved to sing. She has appeared willingly at all events. A solo career started in 1987. In 1989 the girl recorded the first album “Ce train qui s ‘en va”.

In 1991 the vocalist was invited to the sitcom “First Kisses” for the role of the sister of the main character. Fans liked Rolle’s game so much that they demanded to give it as much screen time as possible. As a result there was a project written specifically for the performer “Hélène and the guys”.


Success series around the world waited deafening. Even during filming, the main character wouldn’t stop singing. The new disc came out in 1992. The collection “Pour l’amour d’un garçon” was very popular. In 1993 fans received the record “Je m’appelle Hélène”.

The performer toured a lot. A new compilation was recorded in America. After the discontinuation of the project “Hélène and the Guys” started a new one, “Love Hélène was unable due to concert activities to participate in all series, only limited to the 15th. Filming resumed in 2000 in “Love Vacation”. At the same time, the actress took part in the feature film detective “Exit”.

In 2005, the star appeared in the reality TV project “First Company”. For months, the participants lived by an army charter. Rolle only slightly failed to make it to the show’s finale. In “Secrets of Love”, she returned in 2011. The project continued for over 7 years.

Present At

“Superdisco 90’s Radio Record” in spring 2016, Hélène appeared as the headliner. She told me that writing music allows her to express herself, share emotions. Fans in the same year were presented with the album “Hélène 2016″.

The actress and singer is not keen on social media. She doesn’t have an Instagram account. The star had virtually no time for private life. The press wrote that there was an affair between her and Patrick Pudeba, the performer of Nicolas’s role.

At the end of 2013, the celebrity became a foster mom for two children, a boy and a girl. The family prefers to spend their free time at home in the suburbs of

Rolle enjoys reading, doing the garden, looking after pets. She’s into pottery. Hélène continues to take part in TV programs and shows.

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